Zedd922021/11/11 15:38

Many lies, deception and evil ways of the world, that's better left forgotten


There's so much lies,

That's better left forgotten

A little sway on the wrong path

Time turn, and seasons gone by

Life is so Whilend

But sorrow's prolonged

Spending each time on the needless

Less on the necessitous

Everything turned Topsy-turvy

And the entire world is ill

Moaning like Doves on the Mountains

Moaning and weeping in the Valleys

The valley of lust and confusion

Warmed by the Sun shine of illusion

Deprived of the free air of visions

All strength and Hope without

And the weakness and fear within

Held hostage by the disease

Bankrupt lives, Broken spirit

Overrun by darkness

A taste of their own selfish ways

The reverberation of their misdeeds

Imprisoned by the wandering of their Heart

Betrayed by their own wants and desires

Tormented by their own abominations

So much, That's better left forgotten!


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