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The definition of a good partner

The definition of a good partner right now is a partner who doesn't cheat, I think this shouldn't just be the only good quality one should have.

You're already heavenly once you don't cheat, that's how it has become, It doesn't matter what you do, don't just be a man/woman that cheats, you're a someone worthy of emulation if you're that kind of person, its as if the hallmark of every good relationship now is a non-cheating relationship.

Recently, I was speaking with my beautiful friend and she said to me.

" Jolomi, there are a lot of people who don't cheat but are toxic in a relationship"

Having self-control over your sexual impulses not to cheat on your partner is one good quality but that is not all. Don't think you're heaven sent just because you don't have the moral decadence to cheat.

There are many other things that may make someone toxic aside the tendency of cheating.

Do you constantly bring your partner down?

Are you insensitive?

Insensitivity to what is happening in the life of your partner is as a good as bad, you don't know when she's sad or happy, you don't even know if he has just lost his job, you're so insensitive to what goes on, some people will rather be with a cheating partner that cares than be with a non-cheating partner that doesn't care about anything that goes on in their lives.

Do you give attention/affection?

You give time to what you like, the way I see it is this way, when you love someone, it's just like two magnetic fields, it gravitates towards one another.

There must be a push, a pull to always see or talk, to always communicate, don't tell me you don't cheat and starve me of your time, I want to be able to talk to you, plan with you, laugh with you.

Are you abusive?

Abuse of any kind doesn't make you a good partner, whether verbal, physical, emotional...

How kind are you?

How understanding are you?

How considerate are you?

How supportive are you?


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