The Greatest Gift

Vektor2021/11/11 00:28

I've always wondered if we were given the opportunity to be granted one wish without bringing in the concept of wealth or worldly possessions into the picture, what would it actually be? This article is just an output of my imagination.

The Greatest Gift


Have you ever taken time out to actually ponder on what truly makes you happy, what you actually want ,what it is that put a smile on your face whenever the thought crossed your mind? It could be a memory, it could be a person ,a loved one, a pet ,it could be the mere thought of having the perfect life. Then what if we were given the chance to manifest just one wish and we could have what ever we wanted but it can't be wealth or worldly possessions?

Thoughts like this cross my mind every time I close my eyes to sleep at night, what was it that I actually wanted. After very deep thinking I discovered that everything I wanted could be put together in just one word, one word that brought together all my desires and that word was Happiness.

We all have our happy moments and our happiest times but I personally believe that my happiest time would be the times when nothing other than what to eat bothered me, the times when friendship was pure and true ,when there was no competition among friends the times mom had to wake us up early for school, the times when watching cartoons and playing with friends were the favourite part of the day , I'm talking about the good old childhood days.

If I were to be given one chance to be granted a wish I'd wish to go back to those times knowing what I know now ,I believe that if that is made possible there would be alot that could be changed to actually get every other thing that it is you desire. This is my fantasy, these are my thoughts, what would be your wish if you were given chance?


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