The G in my Gift

Patra2021/11/08 16:58

It's a love poem that expresses how important a person is to you, referring to the person as a Gift. The G there is the main letter " character" because without the G you wouldn't have or find your Gift.

The G in my Gift

The G in my Gift.

Shhhh! Can you here it? That rumbling sound....

It's like the dry heavy wind from the desert...

I can't only here it I can feel it, taste it....

It feels dry but it quenched my thirst.

Rolled-in in dirt, I looked like a package, except I wasn't but I was looking for one.

A part of me had lost hope on finding it but I was in the right channel

My faith was frekle and my light had become deem but even the weakest hope responds to Love.

I thought I lost a package but I found a gift, wrapped in fine linens of beauty, adornment and kindness,

I could barely look away from what has ravaged my sight..

Wondering if I should take my chances, but I did...

All this time I was only one question away from discovering what I just found...a treasure, but how?

It just kept getting better, the closer I looked the more glory I saw and now, I just can't get enough of you.

Everyday spent with you feels like unraveling one more treasure, more beauty, more love...that's enough adventure for me.

It feels as though I have known you for years but it's just been days and it doesn't matter at all because every time am with you I feel connected to something bigger than all of it, I feel connected to you.

It took me years to find you but it only took a couple of minutes to connect to you, that's how I know I've found a true friend in you so

I've found the G in my Gift

I found the Gift I cherish so much.


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