Patra2021/11/08 16:15

A beautiful love poem of how the face of one person can take you 'Places', places in this context can mean a physical place, somewhere no one has ever seen or been to which is in your mind or a place in your heart.



In unexpected places, I found faces, gazes, looks that made plain all squares become straight claim.

Flipping through pages, not all beds are made of roses but even in low heat I feel the cold heat your face gives.

Despite our ages, linage or cravings I still find the smallest linkage to your heart, words in big frame can't fathom how sane or insane I feel when I see your face.

The right color does turn many faces into glamour but when I look more I know there's still more...

This face brings out the beauty in the colours, no flaws,...

Smiles make waves like the wind, they open closed hearts and make wrinkled faces smile.....that's your smile I'm talking about.

Funny memes are created faces but I like your funny face, it creates a smiley face in me.

I could walk through ages, search all ages, tie shoe laces, run long races but I won't because I've found the face that says Cheese! 😁


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