Zedd922021/11/06 12:16

A Hope and Redemption for Mankind.


My Heart is wailing

My Eyes runs down in tears

My Eyelids gush out with water

Every night in My sleep

I could hear them Screaming

Crying in the anguish of their Spirit

A cry for help, a cry for survival

Yea, I could hear them so clearly

As they keep calling out

In agony and in throe

No one knows the day or time

No one knows how or when

But the evidence keeps reminding me

One day, justice will invade

A day, when no one can evade

A Hope on the other side of despair

Reaching out to every Mankind

A Blood is shed for an Atonement

A Life Is given, For Remission

A Light in the dark, a Hope for Redemption


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