Zedd922021/11/06 10:47

Human Life is so Ephemeral,... Every man should live Life to the Fullest, doing the right thing.


Every beautiful things in Life,

Always has its own Price

But the Price of Love is Cruel

The Creator Loves the Creation,

Gave up a Son for remission.

Who would've ever imagined,

That the Beautiful Earth

could hold so much evil

Deceitful above all things, is the Heart of Men

Desperately wicked and dark, is their Nous

A puzzle that no one can figure out,

That's the Mind among all things

But their maker searches

Through their Reins and Veins

Treat them as they are,

Not as they pretend to be

Life is so Fragile,

So every Living should Cherish each Moment

Every Moment of their Ephemeral Lives

Before its fades away.


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