Mati2021/11/06 00:20

Sunshine come from a window

Queen : oh shit this song blowing my mind (*turn off the alarm) .

The door : knock knock!!

Who's there! Reply the Queen

The door : no one mrs Redarlia don't worry it's just the wind..

Queen : look at the window and say : why u lying it's sunny u just made another mistake

The door : forgive me ma'm i want you to be happy again , to let a leverage , by guessing that is ur dream knight who's knocking , sorry but when you feel sad i'm too

Queen : (feel shame about her friend case, she look at him sincerly, then she smilled)

The door : gr8 to see u again smilling my queen now it's a celebration time , go change ur clothes n wear nice we need to take a photo for memories ok wait i'll be back with my camera

Queen : may i ask where we should go ??

The door : back to school


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