15 books that changed my life

Linn2021/10/31 19:25

Here are the 15 books that changed my life

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi

This is one of the books I love to place on top of most of my lists usually for no particular reason. I guess I fell in love with the book after just one chapter. It wasn't as illustrious in the literary sense as Chinua Achebe would have done but it was subtle and compelling. And not forgetting, a much needed jolt into reality with its unexpected and slightly disturbing ending. A book worth every word of praise accorded it.

2. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Another heart wrenching story of three charming young girls and their journey into womanhood. It was wonderful, actually. Beth and Jo are amazing, and my alltime favorites.

Laurie can never keep out of mischief and Meg and Amy can't keep their heads out of the clouds. Each character in this book represented a unique person in my life in one way or the other.

3. Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

An overwhelming and powerful tale. Confronted with two difficult choices, giving up the thing you love the most because that's what's best for someone else or locking away the truth which no one might ever discover because that's what's best for you. But don't worry it has about the most shockingly delightful climax, which will leave your heart racing. And, the ending... I'll leave that for you to discover.

4. No and Me by Delphine de Vigan

One of the saddest and most depressing books I've ever read. With words and scenes that will keep your mind wondering for days. But it's an eye opener and a much needed call for humanity to wake up and take action.

5. A woman of substance by Babra Taylor Bradford

Never and I repeat NEVER has a book invoked such ridiculously strong emotions in me. And they were a million in one. Anger, hurt, humiliation, joy, love, pity, extreme annoyance, fustration, I mean,... you just name it. And yes, each of them was directed at a particular character. Well they all began on the Yorkshire hills with one Emma Harte, the great, the estounding, Emma Harte. The story follows how she went from being scullery maid, upstairs maid, ladies maid, to being the richest woman in the world not with luck, but with hardwork. Well she couldn't have said it better, 'We are each the authors of our own lives.'

6. Money Galore by Amu Djoleto

Genius material

I believe every politician must read this book before pursuing and every one else before voting blindly for them.

A vivid combination of wit, humour, a dash of romance and naughtiness, and a sizeable amount of vivaciousness

7. Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe

A tale of the passions of a man struggling for power, vying for recognition in a typical African society.

From poverty to riches through hard work.

From riches and power to exile by accident.

Back from exile into an era of colonialism

Son turning against father for a new found faith

Friend against friend

Wives against husbands

Collective efforts in the strife to preserve old cultures and beliefs.

The fight for what they believe in!

Coloured by imprisonment, murder and suicide. One of the very best there is in African literature.

8. The illustrated mum by Jacqueline Wilson

9. My sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson

No matter how many times I read this book I end up in tears, uncontrollable tears of anguish. Don't get me wrong, it's not a sad book, it's just... just heartbreaking watching such a lively young girl fall to her death for no sensible reason.

10. The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank

11 Lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

12. What Kathy did by Susan Coolidge

Another filled with laughter and play and childhood, then pain, disappointment and grief, and every other real emotion out there.

13. Somewhere someday by Josephine Cox

14. Silver Lining by Maggie Osborne

One of the very first American historical novels I enjoyed. It was such a tale, you know with the most unforgettable characters and plot highlights

15. The Vanished Man by Jeffrey Deaver


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