Nathan2021/10/31 15:53

About basics and beauties of starting


Seeing the perfect Design, Knowing the abstract Ideal, Dreaming in the Day Light, and Naming a Fantasy is what makes a Man a 'Human' with a 'Being'. No other creation has an Imagination or an Intuition so far, at least that we know of. This whole package is called 'LOVE ON THE HEART' or 'MONALIZA OF THE BRAIN'. 

The grand law, that's binding and true to all beings and the rest is called 'UNIVERSAL TRUTH'. Fact is, Universe is made of Earth, Water, Ice and Fire. To succeed is to make anything from them, to synthesize, Earth, Water, Ice and Fire. 

Now the question is how to organize the visible Haphazard into the perceived Perfection. The known Bad to the will be Great.

In short, HOW TO START ? Seams the most appropriate and legitimate question to ask or ask for.


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