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Alerting everyone across the global how British colonise Ghana

How Ghana is COLONISE by British

Ghana was COLONISE by the British why? The first people to arrive Ghana was the potugues, they came Ghana in 1447 the reason for their arrival is to establish trading system , schools, etc. But the moment they arrive the coast of Ghana they discovered raw materials like gold. Due to that they establish system called batter trading in order to get access to the gold. For some years, the Portuguese move to their country. In the year 1449, the British also arrive in Ghana they also discovered the gold at the coast side of Ghana now called cape coast in the central part of Ghana. They settle with the chiefs among the coast for peace agreements in order for them to have access to the gold that belongs to Ghana, most of the chiefs dis but they were maltreated and it lead them to slavery. This leads to the several wars between the kingdoms of Ghana and the British.......... See you for the wars...Yaa Asantewaa war


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