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LIFE'S REALITY We are shaped and fashioned by what we love if Life... Watch the things you love carefully We are shaped and fashioned by what we love if Life... Watch the things you love carefully




Money buys love! but pretense makes a lot of people argue and never willing to accept this reality.....

Have you heard of the story that money can't buy love?? Trust me that story is nothing but fiction and if it was ever true then it died with my Lord Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago but refused to resurrect with Him.

In every society you find yourself try to have money bcos the human nature is build in such a way that it naturally respect and love people with money... Integrity is the last thing that Men thinks when money is involved.

Even at your immediate family circle, respect and love is accorded to the children with more money.... If you like be the elder brother till you want to drag age with you Parents, the family will always cherish that last born that brings money home..... Most patients will want to defend this claim to be wrong, but we all know the truth deep down us

If a girl likes 2 people, the one that gives her money will win her! Forget those stories your girl tells you "no man can take her away from you because of money" those were some of the stories they received from the serpent back then in the garden of Eden....

Same thing for a guy who likes 2 ladies, the one that support him financially will carry him..... Most guys will always defend this to be wrong because of pride but that's the truth every guy out there want a lady that support them financially...

I know someone is asking what do I mean with my last point?

I mean you could loose your woman or Man who loves your poor ass to a money bag he or she didn't like in the long run, except, you also hussle money to "take care of him or her.

Put an evil man who gives out money like rain fall that the entire society knows he is evil side by side with a good man with integrity.... People will choose that evil man over the good man..... Justify why we have the sets of leaders we have in Africa and Nigeria in particular

Money and Love work hand in hand, wherever you see money love comes naturally...

Are you saying there is no true Love? There is true love but Love is sweet when there is money

Give money to most of the nagging wives we have in our society today and see how loving those wives will be to their husbands

Most women don't respect their husbands all because he is broke and where there is no respect there is no Love but gives money to that man and make him wealthy and see how that same wife will be respectful and full of love for the same man.... Money buys the love and respect she is giving to the man

Money draws Love anytime any day, you can argue all you want but that's the truth and the truth is always hard to swallow.

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