Top NFT Game to play to earn online with huge rewards and still low marketcap

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The concept of NFT Game is probably quite familiar to many players participating in Crypto Market from 2017 up to now. But for some newcomers, it's probably still a big question mark.

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What is NFT game? How does Play to Earn model work?

The concept of NFT Game is probably quite familiar to many players participating in Crypto Market from 2017 up to now.  But for some newcomers, it's probably still a big question mark. So in today's article, let's learn about the Top NFT games to make money online with low Marketcap, easy to earn money in 2021.

What is NFT game? How does Play to Earn model work?

If you are a participant in Bitcoin cryptocurrency field, you are probably familiar with the concept of NFT, a type of non-fungible and most characteristic token, built on cryptographic technology with smart contracts and Blockchain. Play Game while making money at the same time, even the opportunity to make huge money can happen, the ideal scenario for users in all gaming circles. It is inevitable for the birth of NFT Game on the phone to satisfy the very normal needs. There are many ways for you to make money when participating in the NFT game: play Games to earn rewards according to the Play To Earn mechanism of each game, buy and sell game items on the marketplace, trade tokens of the Game.

Binemon NFT Games

First of all, let’s learn what NFT is? NFT is an abbreviation of Non-fungible token which means non-fungible token, unique, non-replicable, eternal and scarce token. NFT is a digital asset encrypted and verified by Blockchain technology.

NFT Game is a game developed on the Blockchain platform with in-game assets formatted as NFT to unique ownership of players, unique characters in the game. Recently, a strong boom by NFT Game is expected to raise the game industry to a new level with outstanding advantages such as fairness and transparency in the game, security of NFT assets in the game, ensuring the ownership of in-game assets for players… In fact, NFT games are increasingly popular, requiring new NFT games to be more and more attractive in terms of gameplay but still have to ensure attractive rewards to retain investors and gamers.


Top NFT Game to play to earn online with huge rewards and still low marketcap

The projects which still have low Marketcap shows unlimited ROI (Return on Investment). The potential for beginners to join and earn money is huge. Never too late to get stated with these potential projects.

Let's take a look at Top NFT games in recent times with a huge number of players and still low market capitalization. 

Binemon Low Marketcap

Top 1 - Binemon (Axie V2)


Binemon, also known as Axie Infinity 2nd version, is a virtual pet NFT game combined with Idle RPG game (idle role-playing game). Binemon creates a fair playground with multiple tasks for players to earn money online. Besides collecting and trading eggs, AMB (Ambrosia), characters, items, Bineland on Binemon Marketplace, players have the opportunity to participate in combat in PVP, PVE modes and earn rewards. 

Binemon Battle

Get access to Website: https://binemon.io/

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Top 2 - Tower 


Animoca Brands launched theTower experiment, and players are now able to earn TOWERtokens by playing Crazy Defense Heroes free-to-play mobile game.

The TOWER Platform comprises the TOWER token, the free-to-play mobile games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, and an upcoming blockchain PC game.

Top 3 - Revomon


Revomon is an exciting new online role-playing game (RPG) that combines an incredible, immersive virtual-reality experience with the ground-breaking technology behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This synergy will allow for the creation of real value in a virtual world by leveraging blockchain technology. 

The game itself combines VR experiences such as grabbing, throwing, shooting and free movement with the disruptive innovations that are only possible through blockchain technology.

Top 4 - Fear


Fear is the number one blockchain horror gaming “Play to Earn” and NFT ecosystem. Fear host a vast ecosystem of unique, entertaining, and frightening horror games and NFTs comprised of some of the gaming industry’s top developers, all of which utilise the Fear coin and Fear NFTs to reward fans for their loyalty and gaming time.

Top 5 - RUNE


Rune is an open-ended dark fantasy gaming universe. Choose between good and evil on your journey fighting the demons of hell. Players can battle, join a guild, collect powerful weapons, and earn real value playing real games.

Unlike traditional games, players in the Rune ecosystem have complete ownership over their gameplay, gaming assets, and future direction of the game. While Rune is a collection of fun games, it also has characteristics of a social network due to the strong community and participation in the ecosystem.

Above are the Top 5 NFT games that, according to GameFi Review, you can play and make money online from smartphones and computers. Please leave your comment on the above ranking below in the comments section. Thank you!







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