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Get to know who nature is


Nature is the endless expanse of life forms, beauty, resources, peace and nourishment. Every bud that grows to a flower, every caterpillar that flies with the wings of a butterfly and every infant who faces the world as a human, owes its survival and sustenance to nature. In addition to providing resources for our daily needs of food, clothing and shelter, nature also contributes to different industries and manufacturing units. Paper, furniture, oil, gemstones, petrol, diesel, the fishing industry, electrical units, etc. all derive their basic components from nature.It can be said that nature drives the process of converting everything that is natural on earth into most of the things that are artificial. Nature also maintains the continuity between the different spheres on Earth. Owing to the multiple elements obtained from nature, with a growing population, the need to meet demands is increasing every day. At an equal pace is rising the level of air, water, soil and noise pollution as a result of the universal dependence on technology.

While it is necessary to keep up with industrialization, it is an urgent need now to restore stability in nature. People are trying to curb the level of pollution and stop the exhaustion of natural resources. However, more awareness and implementation is a must at the individual and community levels. We must always remember it is us who depend on nature for survival and not the other way round.


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