India Pakistan going in war

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New war on earth ( Kashmir)

India Pakistan going in war

Pakistan and India gained independence from British rule in August 1947. India is the second largest population in the world. Tensions between India and Pakistan are as historic as theirs. The main dispute between India and Pakistan is Kashmir. The dispute in Kashmir began when the Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh announced his accession to the state of Jammu. In response, the Pakistani army and Mujahideen also invaded Kashmir and took some of the Kashmir Valley lands, but India went to the UN Security Council, from where the UN passed two resolutions on 13 August 1948 and 5 January 1949. The UNCIP (United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan) resolution states that "the question of joining the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be resolved in a free and fair referendum." Although India and Pakistan have not had good relations in the past, the future of 1.5 billion people needs peace. India and Pakistan are 1 / 4th of the world's population and both are nuclear powers. Peace between India and Pakistan is not only beneficial for both the countries but it is also important for the whole world. Due to the uncertainty on the border, both countries spend a lot of money on defense.

The money we need to spend on education and healthcare, which we use to make bombs and high explosive rockets. If India and Pakistan start trade, it will change the lives of people on both sides. Both countries will gain new markets, grow their businesses, and the region will become the world's most developed and powerful economic center. Pak-India relations have deteriorated and have never been stable. Sometimes relations between Pakistan and India become very tense. Political and military leaders in both countries blame each other.

Many people are passionate about war and want to teach each other a lesson. In my opinion, this war will be devastating for the economies of both countries. Pakistan and India should not be fascist or dictatorial countries. Peace is essential for both countries. In addition, there is the threat of a nuclear attack that could destroy any country. India has repeatedly threatened to block Pakistan's rivers from flowing into India. The Indian army martyred Pakistani soldiers by firing on the Line of Control. There is more hatred and anger on both sides. War can be devastating for both economies.

India is never ready to talk at the table. Without a lengthy discussion of the causes of deep mistrust and hostility in Pak-India relations, the results can be simplified by accusing "history", "unresolved issues" and "lack of will in military political policy".

There is also ample evidence that some other parties are less interested in reducing relations between the two subcontinent's neighbors because of their own political and economic interests.

Pakistan and India have been at loggerheads for seven decades and have fought four wars. The failure of the two countries to resolve their disputes, especially the Kashmir issue, provoked non-state actors during the Afghan jihad. They continued their activities until September 11 without any serious attention from the international community. Pakistan took serious action and banned Lashkar-e-Taiba (Jaish), Jaish-e-Muhammad, Sipah-e-Muhammad, Sepahi Saba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and some other sectarian organizations.

The banned organizations changed their names and continued to operate for many years. They have developed their own social structure and are engaged in public service in remote, backward areas. After gaining popularity, some of them organized themselves politically and even participated in elections. The question of Kashmir's sovereignty is once again at the center of the agenda of Pak-India relations. The old decision of 2008-2013, the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) refrained from prioritizing this issue in its talks with New Delhi in 2011-2013. On the contrary, the government demanded a "freeze". Solve these and some other problems. Technical matters, visas (providing immediate visa system for certain categories of citizens of both countries), traffic (bus routes in Kashmir). Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi first met in May 2014 when the Chief Minister of the Federal Cabinet of Pakistan was invited to the inauguration ceremony in New Delhi. But the first political battle between them took place in late September 2014 at the UN General Assembly. Pakistan has sharply criticized India's stance in blocking the implementation of the referendum in Kashmir. The main allegation of the Indian side was that Pakistan was boiled down to being the "main source of terrorism". It is important to note that India supports the anti-Pakistan religious element. This was acknowledged by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in 2011, who suggested that India was involved in terrorist activities from Afghanistan.

Some reports suggest that the TTP is receiving financial support from India. India's national security adviser also accepted it, saying the Taliban were mercenaries and could be used against Pakistan to provide them with large sums of money. India has always ridiculed foreign mediation between them and has supported bilateral relations, where it can carry more weight. This continued despite the fact that US involvement in the Kargil crisis was entirely in India's favor. Pakistan, which has in the past sought external balance and sought international reconciliation in its disputes with India, may also be wary of external interference in the wake of the Kargil experience.

The Indian government has delayed the implementation of the relaxed visa regime. It discourages future sports contacts with Pakistan. Both the Indian Army Chief and the Prime Minister made strong statements. However, Pakistan's foreign minister has suggested ministerial-level talks to reduce tensions. It is generally believed that the Indian government, the opposition and the media oppose the policy of opportunism for the sake of their people and the wider national interest of the country. Steps have been taken several times to improve relations between the two neighbors, but unfortunate incidents on both sides of the border have derailed those efforts.

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