The love of a father

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This write up is all about how people don't see how true a father's love is

The love of a father

The love of a father

Fathers are special creatures, everyone talks about mothers love but only few people recognize the love of a dad, whenever you go around asking people between the love of their mom or dad, you find higher figures saying it’s their mom, but the fact is that some fathers love for the child is even more than some of the mothers outside there, still you find children taking their mothers side.

Dad’s might not show affection all the time, belief you me, it doesn’t mean that they love you less. Fathers are the first friend you make and the last love of one’s life.

I get surprised and shocked whenever I see children misbehaving and disrespecting their fathers which suppose not to be, fathers are to be treated the same way mothers are treated.

Truly, some fathers fails in their responsibilities towards their children, but that doesn’t mean they should be rejected and shown love by the children, we all have to know one thing and keep it in mind, Without a father a mother alone cannot be able to give birth to a child.

A father may be denied and rejected but you will never see a father rejecting his kids, fathers love are always not seen but they have what is called true affection towards their kids, a dad will always point you as his child despite the fact that you don’t recognize his existence.

Before a father can be called a failed Dad, children should all remember that he once take care of them and loved them, which I know for sure he will always love and care for you as a dad, we live in a world where everyone forget the good deeds you once do them and start hating you for just a single minute mistake.

It is true that mothers love have more power on the child because she is closer to the child and in most cases, mothers don’t go to work and they are always at home with the children while the father goes to work, sometimes he leave home very early and come back late just to make sure he put food on his family’s table and not always at home which is very wrong, I agree on this. As a father you should always try to create time for yourself and family to get closer them and to avoid not loved by your kids.

Loving fathers are self-sacrificing and protect their children, a father’s love is unconditional, he may not say it to you. Rather, hewill demonstrate his love moment by moment, your dad will always love in the same manner God loves you.

Some fathers goes into taking hard drugs not because of frustrations of life but they go into it because they were denied of love and care by their children or other members of the family.

What I want everyone to know is that be it a responsible or irresponsible dad you have, always love and care for him because without him, you can’t be given birth to and even a mom which you love and adore so much and without a dad, you can’t be in the position you are today, without a dad, you can’t have a surname that you bear. Please always love and care for your dad so that you have bright future and a peaceful ending.

Jubril Danna



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