She_writes2021/10/06 01:47


Oh mama

I’m lost in a place where one’s life means nothing 

My heart is pounding to the rhythm of death 

All I can hear is children screaming here and there just to be freed 

Mother’s are lying naked on the floor desperately just to see their children 

They seek for refuge

They feel disconnected from happiness 

Father’s are panting 

They feel powerless 

They just can’t bare the pain of loosing their loved ones right before their very own eyes 


Oh mama

I’ve become a captive of death

My wrist hurts so much

I can’t feel my legs anymore  

I don’t even know what smile is

Hatred has conquered love

Our  rights need to be freed 

My face hurts bitterly just to experience happiness 

My eyes are hurting to see a brighter day


Oh mama

I’m crying for the day of peace 

My eyes are pissing

My heart aches so bad 

It just hurts so much

I couldn’t cry anymore 


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