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ONLY: Try your best to maintain the following schedule in your married life:

(1)between 3am-6am when kids are fast asleep sex your husband (when you see his pen*s all hard or "erect" in the morning, "jump on him" and see your husband again). Give him surprise-sex! Give him morning-penis-erection-sex,

(2)between 5am-6am bath with your husband (get in the big bath together, talk and have interesting sex again), then clothe him and yourself and go to work, or drop kids at school or do your chores,

(3)if you are a home-stay-mom, go buy food and nice-panty and bra to "entice" your husband after work. Buy all sorts of sexy panties ( NOT granny-panties! NOT mommy-panties! But panties which says "husband-here's your wife", "come eat me now!". (When he comes home welcome him with a juicy-kiss and a big-warm-hug), quickly take him to the marriage bedroom, undress your husband fast/slow, give him quick sex, food, and allow him to rest (treat your husband like a king). RESPECT YOUR HUSBAND ALL THE TIME!

(4)after work hours focus on the kids(help them with the "school home work", prepare thier clothes, or get a nanny to sort that out, including thier lunchboxes) and everything they need for tomorrow,

(5) study (read the bible or any university degree), keep your eyes AWAY FROM stupid soapies which teach you to destroy your marriages,

(6)entertain yourself by having evening marital sex again (6pm to 11pm when the kids are busy or sleeping), massage each othe


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