EmmyG2021/09/23 12:25

Life is not just about you, because you are one person. Whatever good virtue and value you are learning today,is not just for you,it is also for many people you have a point of contact with. The more we empower ourselves,the more we experience that change that we need. Our lives are timed. Every certificate has a time. The totality of life is a function of the choices that you make at every point in time,and you are accountable for that. Be the change you Desire in the country,start by affecting someone around you.

The quality of who you become,is the quality of who you seek to become

Choice the influencers of your life.

You are the driver of your life.

Empower yourself.

Educate yourself.

Be an assetasset that adds value.

Gain knowledge.

Seek knowledge.

Have wisdom.


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