Tears2021/09/08 23:21

We say you can't sleep when you fall in love. The mind is full of fantasies and the future is bright...emotions running deep. Why don't we talk about the sleepless nights of disagreements, fights, misunderstandings and silent treatment.

Who will warn us of the moments we will have to cry just because we let our bubble burst. That moment you feel like you've been knocked by a car, holding on to the very inner soul so that it doesn't flee you.

My tears trickle in silence because I cannot shout...and even if I could I don't know how to. Submissive Africans taught to let tears flow behind closed doors. I write in the midst of my blurry eyesight and the mastered letters of the keyboard. I breathe deep and tell my inner self that the sun will rise...a better day tomorrow.