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🌍 New Pioneers:

The best place to learn more about Pi: (To learn the common and basic questions about Pi) (To learn the complete technical reason what Pi is all about)

🌍 Pi Community wiki & support sites:

🌍 Quick facts:

Total users: 23+ millions

Current phase: 2 (Testnet)

Next phase : 3 (Mainnet - end 2021)

Current pi value: 0

Can u trade or withdraw pi now? NO

To find the general and random chatroom click ⬅️ at the top left. Hit the ➕ on the top right and scroll to find general and random chat

Still confused? 😖😖

Chat room language selection.👇


There are over 40 language chatrooms available with different chatroom option

use my refferal code: kelf30


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