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ADVISED A rainy night in the city of New Orleans ,a town full of tall skyscrapers and busy roads

running between the tall towers. On the country side of the city, grass fields and gentle

hills cover the peaceful land as the rain showers down. A train approaches the town in the

midst of the fields. The wind blowing as the thunderstorm roars across the dark sky. The

trains speeds through the railway running between the fields covering the hills of the

countryside . “Such a beautiful city!”, Norman, a middle aged teenager with messy black

hair says to a tall slim guy with white long hair sitting beside him. “Yes, this city has some

looks”. Adrian replies sarcasticly.”Why do u even say that?, I mean look at the city lights,

the fields, the geographical area of this place is just fascinating” Norman says to Adrian,

his elder guardian. Adrian with a grin in his mouth replies “Its very odd of you to see all of

the features with all the rain out there, yes the city is beautiful its even close to the sea

yes, but trust me this city isn’t as good as it looks”. Norman is kinda confused with Adrian’s

statement but he asks “What’s the odd shit about this place?” .Adrian gives Norman an

odd look and doesn’t reply. “I have to admit it, u really freak the shit out of me with that

look man!”. Adrian replies giggling, “Hahahah!, am just messin’ with u, c’mon we’ve arrived,

lets get the hell out of this train, since it won’t stop raining anytime soon,lets find us a cab

to the nearby motel, c’mon let’s go!!”.

The train arrives at the station, all of the passengers drop and the train leaves. Norman

and Adrian rush to one of the last empty taxies parked near the station as the rain heavily

poured down the city. ”Where to folks?’, the taxi driver on one of the parked taxi’s asks. .

To the nearest motel please” .Adrian replies as he opens the taxi doors entering the car

accompanied by Norman. The driver replies, “Alright, Coconut beach lodge is the nearest

one, I’ll drop you there” .Norman stares at the window while the taxi leaves the train

station. Norman is always a night person ,the night always have fascinated him since he was

a child. “ I see !”, Adrian speaks with a smile on his face. Norman replies “Hahahahah ,See

what?”. Adrian replies gently, “I see you’ve already fallen in love with this place”. Norman

still looking outside replies “Yah kind of, but it’s the night sky that fascinates me the

most”. The taxi driver interrupts with a loud laugh. “Hahaha, ….am I …am excuse me guys

but what fascinates you on the night sky with such a storm like this today, that’s fucking

weird bro”. Adrian says “ Don’t mind him bro, he’s always been like that since way back”.

Adrian and the driver keep the conversation going but Norman ignores what they’re saying

proceeds staring the city from the taxi’s window as the taxi speeds up on the busy wet

roads of the city. After some time in the car, the temperature drops down as the wind is

blowing aggressively as the storm showers. The Adrian and Norman pull out their coats in response to the sudden cold felt on the car. The taxi reaches a traffic jam in one of the

roads downtown. After the taxi stops on the jam, the driver also pulls out his coat wich

was folded below his seat. “OUCH!’, The taxi driver yells, as his finger bleeds from what

seemingly looks like a needle injury. Everyone in the car is a little shocked. The driver pulls

over. “Damn, this new coat of me had a goddamn pin on its label, shit!! my finger is a bloody

mess”. Norman is still starring at the blood from the driver’s finger , seeing the blood on

the driver’s finger, Norman begins to have blurred visions and distorted sounds. “Hey,

cover up that blood man” Adrian tells the driver. The driver quickly covers his finger with

a bandage from the kit below the seat. “You okay man?” Adrian asks Norman. “Am okay,

……..I just feel a little oozed up”. “Norman!” Adrian at this point is just worried cause

Norman doesn’t look okay, he lays back. “I feel dizzy”. Norman passes out.

The same night at New Orleans habour located near the sea banks north. Late night

workers are finishing up loading the last vehicle containers on the ship as it is midnight and

the day workers have left hours ago. Two workers are seen loading and unloading the cargo

from one of the last containers. One of the worker looks older and muscular covered with

beard and the other is younger and slimmer. “Its abnormal for New Orleans to have

storms like this, I mean …the rain today has never stopped. It has been raining since

morning nonstop!”, The older workers says to his co worker. The younger worker replies,

“C’mon , let’s just finish up this task and get the hell out of here am already fucking tired

“, . The second younger worker proceeds to say “We have to be out of here before

midnight, I don’t care if it’s our shift or not but these waters have been fucked up lately,

people near the waters have been vanishing after midnight ”.The first older worker laughs

so hard “Hahahahah aaa ahhah!, stop being a pussy ….boy, don’t fucking tell me u believe

that crap boy”. The second younger worker replies with a mad face “Real shit man, some

have been found decapitated and dismembered their body parts weeks after they have

disappeared, whatever…thing that is doing all those crazy shit, it’s never going to stop

”.The first worker says “Well I don’t give a fuck about what is happening”. The younger

worker replies as he loads up the cargo, “This shit looks fictious until one of your loved one

gets snatched in the sea with one of those… aah whatever is doin this…”. They finish up

loading up the boxes andclose the container.

The older worker adds,“Well its probably some serial killer dumping the bodies or

something”. The second worker faces his co worker and speaks with a terrified face

,”Aren’t you afraid of serial killers?”. The first worker suddenly replies with a loud voice

,“Hey cut this crap u talking about, where’s my money the boss gave you?” .”The boss left

early man , he didn’t give me no money” the second worker says calmly as he removes his working uniform. The first worker isn’t so happy with the reply he got from the second

worker. He says with an angrily deep voice “Am not gonna repeat myself boy, give me my

goddamn money before I beat the crap out of you boy”. The younger worker now surprised

with the sudden reaction of his co worker replies, “Chill out man!, I don’t got your mo……”.

Before the second worker could finish his sentence ,The first older worker punches the

other worker in the face so hard .The punch sends the younger worker down, he holds his

mouth looking hurt and in sudden pain, he then replies in agony, “What’s the matter with

you man, why you hit me like that? , I don’t got your money man” .The first worker kept

hitting the other worker violently without stopping, he kept punching and smacking his co

worker violently as the rain kept showering down them making them wet and wetter.

As the older worker was hitting the other worker, the younger worker stood no chance, he

was just covering his face shielding the heavy punches from his violent co worker. The

older worker says ,“Ooh I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time, since the boss

hired you here, my payment has been cut short, So today am going to finally get rid of your

ass for good, and guess what no one will ever know cause your gonna end up like those

abandoned corpes washing off the shore you cunt!!”. The younger worker pleads for mercy

and says, “No John, please don’t do this , were brothers remember?…..”. The first worker

smashed the other workers face. “Am no brother to no one, today am going to kill you, and

am going to dump your ass in the water and let whatever sea creature that’s out there to

claim you and whe…..”. Suddenly a dry voice was heard behind the container. “WE DON’T

FEED ON DEAD FOOD YOU MORON!!”. The first worker who is supposedly named John

stops to hit the other worker and tries to figure out where the strange voice is coming

from. “Who the fuck are you, show yourself! ”. The voice replies with pride and arrogance

“You wanna know what I am ?, am the kind of things you only see in your nightmares, trust

me am nothing like any of the shit you’ve ever seen!”. The worker releases the other

worker he was beating up and walked towards the direction of the voice. “Well, fuck it

,come to the light… I wanna see you before I get rid of you….Step out of the shadows

motherfucker!”. The voice replies slowly as a tall man steps out of the shadow, “ You have

to be carefull with your words human, especially on the final moments of your life, the

problem with you humans is that you try to defy the limits of nature and yet your so

fragile “ . The worker says “Well any of this isn’t any of your business whoever you are, so

back off!”. The worker now looks nervous after seeing the strange man from the shadows.

The strange guy giggles, “Hahaha!, back off? , I thought you said you were gonna get rid of

me, what happened to that . Well yes my looks are intimidating. You know what, I wasn’t

planning to feed on this corner today, hell I wasn’t even planning to feed anytime soon, my

thirst doesn’t lie on filthy human blood, but when I heard you denying our existence and thinking that all the recent events happening where some kind of hoax, it really stole my

attention”. The worker now terrified replies with a frightened voice “Who the fuck …..

what the fuck are you?”.

The person replies with a grin in his face “We’ll get to that in a minute boy, “ .With

unimaginable speed , the strange person sprints to the worker and throws him on the side

of the container. “Aaagh, please don’t please…” the worker pleads to the strange man .

“Ooooh!, so now you want forgiveness…., didn’t you have mercy on the young man there

earlier?, No, This world is ungrateful and disordered, they seem to have to have forgot our

reign to the point that they deny our existence, well that is gonna change in a minute, you

have to be thankful that you aren’t going to witness it,” The strange person lifts up the

worker and dips his claws deep into the workers throat spattering blood all over the place.

As the workers life fades slowly, the man feasts on the dripping blood dripping down

exposing his fangs and a black tongue. The younger worker who is helpless, is so terrified

he pissed his pants. The Strange person walks towards the injured worker. “Consider

yourself the luckiest man alive tonight, spread the word…the rightful rulers of this world

are back , the eternal night is coming ”. In the blink of an eye, the strange man disappears

in the shadows.

The next morning, Adrian and Norman are having breakfast before leaving for college. “U

okay man ?” Adrian asks Norman. “Am good, am good, I just had an oozed up head

yesterday nothing serious”. Adrian replies while serving food to Norman “Okay, eat enough

slices before we go, the collage is a long way from here …………., I told you, I hate garlic in

my meat slices”. Norman always forgets the recipe for Adrian’s slices. “Oops, my bad”

Norman says. BEEP BEEP !!, “Damn, don’t tell me the car is already here!” Norman speaks

.Adrian replies “Yes its here boy, carry your slices , you’ll eat them on the way”. Adrian

carries his bags opening the door and going down thru the stairs towards the doorway

outside. “C’mon man wait for meee!”. ” Adrian Tepesh!, man it’s been a while, ahah, you

haven’t changed a bit”, a short guy in black tshirt speaks while coming out of the car and

hugs Adrian. Adrian replies happily with a face full of joy “ Auugh , I missed you man, awww

u smell like heaven, where have you been hanging out, a fragrance store or somthn’? ”

Adrian and Paul are very good friends. “Hahah, cut the bullshit Adrian, what makes you say

that?” . “Boy you smell like you’ve been swimming in a pool filled with perfumes, ahahah!”.

They both laugh so hard. “Paul meet my little brother, Norman…, Norman this is Paul , a

very good friend of man since way back” Paul interrupts “Like way back….!, Hey Normy, nice

to meet u lil bro”. Norman and Paul shake hands before entering the car. The car leaves the motel parking lot direct to a path that leads them to a busy road

downtown. It’s a sunny day in New Orleans which is a busy city, Summer season in America

is accompanied by hot days with a scorching sun with high temperatures .Main roads

traffic jams are very usual on noon hours . “ Normy?, I thought you heard how Adrian

pronounced my name didn’t you?” Norman says. “Yes Normy I heard him “. Adrian loudly

giggles, smiles and says “Well I guess my friend here got you a new nickname!”. Norman

replies “Oh hell no!, Normy sounds silly as fuck”… Paul replies “Yes, it sounds silly because

you look silly, hahahahahahahah!” Both Adrian and Paul laugh so loudly and hard that they

could be heard outside the car. “Hey!!”, a voice was heard outside, it was an old man driving

a small green volkswagon, an old man shouts,“Can you shut the fuck up, am tryna focus on

shit right here”. Paul shouts back at the old man “Well go to hell with whatever shitty

stuff your concentrating on ,on that wreckage piece of crap you call a car”. Adrian giggles

while starring at Paul at the driver’s seat. The old man now with his hairy head outside

facing Paul’s car shouts “Fuck you, you bunch of cocksuckers, how dare u shout at me!, am

the same age with your goddamn grannies, so I was probably smashing your grannies when

you weren’t even on God’s schedule of creation, next time you wanna shout like that, make

sure you have some pacifiers on your mouths or else my old dick will be the only thing

hanging on your dirty mouths”. Norman says “Ooouuh!, that old man had some shit say “.

Adrian says “Hey , Paul…………” .The old man’s car overtakes Paul’s car, seeing that, Paul

shouts “ SUCK MY DICK YOU OF SICK FUCK!!” .All of them laugh with joy and excitement

as the car penetrates through the traffic jam.


welcomed and assisted by the workers who reside there. “Hey Adrian, I think am starting

to like this place already” Norman speaks with a smilling face. Paul laughs and says “Looks

like our boy here is fan of some majestic hospitality”. Adrian replies “Yes, he’s been like

that since he was a little kid. Paul replies “ Yup, I can relate to that, u immortal bastard!”

.Norman is shook after what he heard from Paul. Adrian stares at Paul with a serious face.

“Uhm!, immortal?” Norman asks. Paul replies as if he is covering something up “ No, I meant

something else .. I meant….” Adrian interrupts Paul’s words “ Aaagh ,both of you cut the

crap, am goin to my room, see u at dinner time”. Adrian who looks odd right now leaves

them and goes upstairs. The college had a lot of newbies arriving at the campus. Fancy cars

were everywhere, the college has a tendancy of receiving candidates from wealthy families

from all regions of America and all over the world. “My boy Normy , damn we’ve got a lot

chicks arriving today boy, you’ve gotta pick one ASAP !, am tryna find an Asian girl right

now, you should probably choose too. Norm?.. Norman,.. OUH he left too..! ” Paul thought that he was speaking to Norman, but Norman left a while ago not so long after Adrian’s


One of the families arriving at the collage was a wealthy French family from Paris. The

Dubois family arrived in an elegant six door black Mercedes. Three teenagers step out of

the car, a blond haired girl accompanied with two brothers who had black t shirts on. “Take

care of your little sister, you heard?” a female voice was heard inside the benz. One of the

two boys replies to the voice “Yes, ma!, I’ll make sure she ain’t mingling with college boys

are any kind of distraction”. “Shut up, Mason ..you ain’t my babysitter or anything close to

that”. The other boy who looks older than the other interrupts “Yes Pamela, mom said we

have to look after you, this place is isn’t so friendly and found to people like us, you know

that!” .Pamela replies harshly “Well you don’t have to look after me, I can take care of

myself duuugh!, “. The voice is heard again, now a grown tall woman coming out of the

backseat of the benz says “Pamela your brothers are right, New Orleans is a dangerous

place, all three of you have to be extremely carefull at all times because this place holds

very dark things in its shadows. Some of them might even be lurking with us in this

compound right now”. Pamela replies “Yes ma, you taught us well, everyone can take care of

him or herself, no need to follow me around like am some kind of baby or something”.

“Mason and Jaq are your brothers, and they have only one job, looking after you and that’s

final, did I make myself clear?” . All three of them reply with discipline ,“Yes Mom”. The

woman who is supposedly the mother of the three teenagers enters the car and closes the

door. “ You three take care okay!, if anything goes wrong you know what to do”. Pamela

nods and the car leaves the college compound. The three descend to the students

reception. As the car departs the place, a female is seen coming from afar wearing glasses

on with a big bag having large headphones approaching the college compound.

Back to Norman, He is figuring out the way leading to his room. “Damn this stupid guide

they gave me doesn’t help me with shit, I mean… this college has a lot of corridors like a

fucking labrynth or some kind of Dracula’s castle…shit”. Norman is kinda lost, the room

guide they gave him doesn’t seem to help him at all. “Oh c’mon man, where’s the goddamn

room “. He decides to call Adrian for help. “Yow bro!, this stupid guide they gave me leads

to knowhere man, I cant find my room, where are you now?”. Adrian replies “hahahhah!, boy

am showering right now, the bathrooms here are magnificent ,am sorry Normy you’ll have

to figure that out by yourself, see ya!”. Norman tries to speak but Adrian hangs up on him.

“Ahhh fuck you Adrian, …aaagh, now what” he asks himself. At this point he decides to

focus on the guide and try one more time. “Ooouh, so my room number is 902-8!, finally

some hope!” . He walks to the upper corridors where rooms ranging from 900 to 1000 are residing. “There you are!” He spots the room he was looking for, he rushes to the door and

tries to open it with the keys. ”How comes the key isn’t working” . He tries again and again

it still doesn’t work. ”Aaah, am fed now”. He stops trying but, when he tries to lean on the

door it opens, “Looks like the door was open after all”. He enters . Suddenly


mistaken the room, he has entered a girls room finding two girls coming from a shower

almost naked only barely with towels. The girls are now hanging on to their towels helpless

.“Aww, am really sorry I made a mistake.. this is definetly not my room”. “GET THE FUCK

OUT OR AM GONNA SCREAM” .Norman says as he leaves, “Hell you have already

screamed loud enough for the whole college to hear you, am sorry ya’ll, am leaving now”.

The room had two girls, one tall pretty pale white girl with white hair and another black

girl who had a bald fade haircut. They both stare at Norman while he leaves their room

with an unusual look. “That boy is craazy, how can he mistake his room for ours, we literally

just arrived in this place”, Ayisha ,the black girl says to her roommate Lenore. “This

college is gonna be filled with unusual people in no time, he looks weird but he’s cute though

I ain’t gon’ lie!, though he almost saw my titties out that bastard ”. Ayisha stares at Lenore

with a silly look. “whaat!, why u giving me that look?” Lenore says as she smiles displaying

her gorgeous cute face. Ayisha with a grin in his face exclaims “No, no its nothing dear,

you should dress up honey, before another weird boy storms in our room and finds you butt

naked” . Lenore chuckles ,and proceeds dressing up.

Meanwhile, Norman was still looking for his room but unfortunately, he didn’t manage to

find it. “This college seems to had a misfortune bundle waiting for me”. Norman thought to

himself. “Not quite my friend! ”, someone spoke to Norman from a room that was two doors

away from where he was standing. “Who are you?” Norman asks. A teenager wearing a

hoodie and braided hair came out of the room and says “Am your roommate bro, I noticed

that I was the only person having the whole room for myself in this corridor so I figured

out that you were the missing piece of the puzzle, Hi am Jackson though u can call me J”.

Norman pauses for a while and then he approaches J and shakes his hand “ I’m Norman

Aldea”. “Nice to meet you pal” J says with a smiling face. Norman and J enter their room ,

Norman lays down for a while. “So my bags where already here for the whole time and I

was busy figuring out where my room was with this stupid guide card?, this gotta be the

dumbest thing that has happened today “. J giggles and says “ C’mon bro, your just tired

after a long trip, go get a shower and you’ll freshen up, besides there’s a meeting for all

students before dinner so u gotta be a little quick with your showering” Norman remarks

as he rushes to the bathroom “ Ahhh your right bro, I almost forgot about that”. J smiles as he looks at Norman being a straight weirdo and says to himself “Such a weirdo” and

goes outside.

Back in town at dusk, journalists, reporters and other informers are swarming the main

entrance of the East Jefferson hospital. This is after the last brutal crime that happened

two nights ago which left a body with unusual marks that have a similar pattern to other

numerous victims of the various killings that have been happening across the city. It is

presumably known that there has been a survivor who witnessed the last killing and the

cops are guarding the ward room of the survivor so as to hold classified information about

the crime. No journalist, reporter or anyone not even the survivors relatives , no one has

been allowed to see or talk with the witness. Inside the witness’ room, the witness seems

to be asleep. It is the worker who was violently beaten up by his fellow worker in the rainy

night back the New Orleans harbor. An eldery man with a hat enters the room

accompanied by two cops following behind him. The steps of the people who entered the

room, woke the witness up. The eldery man who appears to be a cop stares at the man in

the hospital bed with pitty and comfusion, He removes his hat to reveal a hairy top

covered with white hair .”Hello mister , my name is CONRAD MARSHALL and I am the

head of the NOPD, am hear to question you about the events that happened on 21 st

September at the harbor”. “My ………my back hearts officer”, the worker speaks with

agony. The officer looks at the guy with pitty and calms him

“Am so sorry for what happened young man, your family will see you as soon after we

finish our little conversation”. The worker stares at the detective for a while and then he

looks away. “What happened on that night, who attacked you and your workmate”, the

detective asks the worker. The worker replies “Who attacked us?, I think you should say

what attacked us, because that!, that wasn’t a man , he was nothing like anything I’ve seen

before”. The detective now confused after the witness’ answers picks up a pen and paper

from his rusty pocket and begins writing some details, he then proceeds questioning, “So

according to your words, you weren’t attacked by a person but something else?”. The

worker replies “Yes, and for the record that,….thing didn’t attack me, it spared me but it

sucked the blood of my co wocker , that guy ripped the throat out like it was nothing,

believe me I almost shit on myself last night , these wounds I got right here?, these were

from my co -worker who bit the crap out of me “.”Why did he do that?” the detective asks.

The worker coughs and replies “That mutherfucker thought that I was holding on to his

money, so he started beating me up, its like he went crazy for a moment then suddenly

that thing appeared and did what it did”. The detective removes his glasses and looks at

the worker for a while, he writes a word on his paper and says “That thing you are talking about, what did it look like?”. “ It had an appearance of a man , actually he looks like an

ordinary guy, had long hair , pale skin and was tall, the inhuman thing about that thing was

his teeth he moved with incredibl…..” .Before the hospitalized worker finished his

sentence, the detective interrupts and says to the two cops behind him “Leave us please!”.

The two cops depart the room leaving the detective and the worker in the room. “Did that

thing say anything to you?, why did you survive”. The worker closes his eyes for a moment

and opened them. He stared at the window seeing the full moon in the night sky and says

“He told me to deliver a message , to spread the word, that the eternal night was coming”.

After a while of talking with the survivor, the detective leaves the hospital with tons of

reporters trying to question him about the interview with the survivor of the killing scene.

The reporters were asking questions like “ WHAT WAS THE CAUSE?, WHO IS





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