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How come

How come I didn't get a chance to speak.

How come all I said was weak

How come they think they know what I went through and the right was theirs to tell me to grew

How come I wasn't loved and the wrong done to me, stays hidden underneath, suffocating my ribcage, making it so hard to breathe

How come I was given that little space, when the heart is so big a place.

How come?

Verse 2

How come it hurt so much and even though, with no such luck, I tried to put the past behind, but guilt reminds me, it was your fault.

The pain still lingers and keep me twine

Of how easy she cut me off, when all this time the child within me rage when I tried to be the adult of my age

How come?

Verse 3

They yelled at me, they rant and rave, yet never came close to recognizing my inner pain.

They ask me to leave when once I lived

The words she said as if I wasn't hers , as if to say sweet bye and bye .

Then they await like all the times ,for me to run back and apologize.

And like the fool I always did, just to be apart of what family is

How come?

Verse 4

But I have learned the very hard way

It does not take the pain away.

Unresolved issues, not addressed, the sorries wasn't said.

I prayed for peace that never came and lived my life being judged and misunderstood.

I pray for the power to rise one day and be the star I was born to be but first , I have to really find the lost me

How come?

The End.

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