Beast Among Men 2

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It scared me

Beast Among Men 2


…..Jenny POV ❣️

I watched myself on the big standing mirror in my room admiring my figure

“Who wouldn’t die for it?” I asked myself smiling as I touched my buttocks

Soon I noticed a shadow in the mirror

I turned in fear to see if anyone was standing beside me but there was no one there

I breaths out turning to the mirror again and the shadow was still there

I did the same thing but there was still no one

I focused back on the mirror

I couldn’t figure it out, so I brought my face closer to the mirror

Just then, a hand bumped out from the mirror and get held of my neck

I struggled to free myself but the hand was stronger

I couldn’t shout because the hand crossed my mouth

I wonder who or what could have that kind of hand that would be too long for covering both my mouth and around my neck

I managed to bring up my hand and get hold of he’s but I felt thorns coming out of it

It pierced my hand, forcing me to take off my hands from he’s

I could feel blood rushing out from my hands but I couldn’t see it

I felt a claw growing from its finger

My eyes widened a little

I saw a face coming out of the mirror

His face was filled with bloods

His teeth was a black color as bloods were flowing down from it

His claw finds its way to my neck as we both screamed together

I jumped up from my bed, breathing heavily

It was a dream

My door was pushed opened as my Mom rushed inside

Fear was written all over her face

She sat beside me

I was seriously sweating

“What is the problem?” My Mom asked holding my shoulder

“I had a terrible dream” I replied still thinking of the image I saw in the dream

“Dream? By this time?” My Mom asked

I looked at the wall clock in my room

It was already morning

I couldn’t believe it

Though it was Saturday but I don’t normally wake up late

I took my time in explaining my Mom what the dream was all about as she demanded

“It’s really a terrible dream but did you get to see the face very well?” My Mom asked after the explanation

“No, it was covered with bloods, or looks like someone who has been sucking bloods right from birth” I replied

“Strange” my Mom said


Oh here we go, sorry I didn’t get to introduce myself on time because the dream was something else 🤣

My name is Jenny Bernard

Am 19 of age and the only daughter and child of my parents Mr and Mrs Bernard

I grew up with my Mom who cares for me a lot

My Dad was a business man

He took his business serious than any other things but he still claims that he loves and cares for me

As heart can not be read, I can’t tell

I only got the opportunity to see him once in every week and that was on weekends which he do visit us and spoil us with gifts

I don’t use to wonder why I was the only child since it was obvious 😂

I am a student of the most popular school in Paris and was also among the best students

That’s all for now


……. David POV ❣️

I woke up this morning really tired

I have never for once like this steady transfer

Am already getting sick of it

I got down from my bed and went straight downstairs to the dinning room because I was damn hungry

I was still on the stairs when my fingers started ceasing

I couldn’t feel my legs as I tried hard to move it but it wasn’t helping

This was the second time am experiencing this same thing since we came over to Paris

Since I couldn’t help it anymore, I managed to shout

“Dad!” I shouted as I fell down and rolled down from the stairs

My parents rushed out from their room as they looked down from the top

Seeing me vibrating on the floor

My Mom was already on her fitting, ready for work

“David!” They shouted together as they rushed down to where I was

“Oh no, not again” my Dad said and lifted me up, carrying me like a bride

“Get me the car key” my Dad said referring to my Mom who rushed upstairs while my Dad finds his way out

Our housemaid opened the door for him

Although I was still vibrating but he held me very well

Our gateman saw what was happening, he doesn’t need to be informed as he opened the gate

My Mom came out with the car key and opened the back door

My Dad placed me inside while my Mom entered

My Dad got to the driver’s seat

He ignited the engine and revised


Okay now

My name is David

Am 20 of age

Am the second son and the favorite

I lives with my parents while my senior brother was living on his own

My Dad works as an investigator that’s why he is always transferred from countries to countries

Meanwhile my Mom has a business she’s managing

Her business has branches in different countries as well

So it wasn’t a hard time for her

I think that’s all for now


……. Dorothy POV ❣️

I was admitted in Marcus General Hospital for 2days now after my last encounter with Spirits

I was born with a gift of seeing demons but my spirit wasn’t strong enough to stand before them

My priest do advise me not to be scared whenever I see them

That they could only defeat me once my heart skipped a beat when I see them

I have tried so hard to stand them but still I couldn’t

I was still thinking about how the last one happened when a car with a great speed drove into the hospital

I could hear a woman shouting “help”

The nurses rushed to their attention

I managed to peeped through the window and saw a guy who was rolled with the rolling seat, rushing him inside

I wondered what was happening

My door was open and my doctor walked in

“How are you feeling this morning?” She asked smiling

“Am feeling better” I replied smiling

She nodded and checked me out smiling

“Who was the guy?” I asked feeling concerned

“Who?” She returned the question

I guess she was confused

“The guy that was just rushed in” I replied looking outside

“Oh, I guess he has an attack but my assistant is going to attend to him” she responded

I didn’t get her but I didn’t want to push further

She came closer to me as she raised one of my eyelids

I felt some shadow as it rushed behind my window making me to turn to that direction but it didn’t show up again

I could still feel its presence in the compound

“What’s the problem?” My doctor asked

“I think one was here” I replied as her face changed


So it’s for me

My name is Dorothy

19 of age

I lives with my Uncle

I was born into an average family who couldn’t Carter for us all

So I was asked to stay with my Uncle who was also the same as us but haven’t gotten married tho

I don’t know if I should say I was possessed but I do see spirits

I have encountered many of them but I lacked the power of fighting them

That’s it for now


…… David POV ❣️

I was injected with a something I know nothing about as my body system calmed down

The doctor examined me before walking out

I looked at my Mom starring at me

I could see worried written all over her face

All of a sudden, I felt something entering inside me

I struggled with it but it was having its way

“Doctor! Doctor!” That was my Mom voice shouting

My chest was pushing up and down

I felt them holding me tight but the strength I possessed then was stronger than them

I pushed them away from me and stood up

I regained myself immediately as I started breathing heavily

Everyone was just standing, looking at me

Meanwhile I couldn’t figure out what really happened but I felt myself back to normal

“Mom, am ready to go” I said

My Mom turned to the doctor who understands her and walked closer to me gently

He placed his threstescope and examined me

“He is normal” he said

No one believes that but I ignored them and walked out of the hospital room

I felt like sucking bloods ❣️


…… Dorothy POV ❣️

My doctor was done with me

She said that I would be discharged that afternoon when my Uncle comes

I was reading from a paper that I saw in the hospital room when I felt the presence of that same demon but this time around, it was not far from where I was

I needed to try that style my priest thought me

I rushed outside of the room and I could feel the spirit moving outside

I couldn’t see nor hear anything from it anymore but a noise was coming out from the vehicle which was leaving the hospital

I can’t tell if it was it

And stopping them but later it wasn’t there might make them think I was mad

My doctor rushed to where I was standing

“What’s the problem?” She asked

“It was here but it is hiding somewhere” I replied looking around

Let’s go with it


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