Ways To Earn Bitcoin and Other Crypto With Binance https://t.me/makehugeprofitwithBINAANCECOIN

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Stop holding idle assets and put your crypto to work. Here are 10 ways to earn passive income with crypto on Binance Earn.

Ways To Earn Bitcoin and Other Crypto With Binance 

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The cryptocurrency market is quickly evolving, and investing in crypto is not just about buying and holding. Although holding proves to be one of the best and safest investment strategies over the last 10+ years of Bitcoin’s existence, there’s much more to be done with your holdings than just to hodl. 

Binance Earn is a portfolio of cryptocurrency products designed to provide you with passive income on your idle assets. With Binance Earn, you can start saving, staking, or even becoming a liquidity provider in DeFi markets to earn passive income on bitcoin, stablecoins, altcoins, and more. And, only on Binance, we even support earning opportunities for fiat currencies. 

At the time of writing, $4.2 billion worth of crypto assets currently on Binance Earn with $70 million worth of total rewards distributed in 2020. Binance Earn has more than 270,000 daily active users and investors and the number is rising. The active stablecoins volume on Liquid Swap reached $128 million, and over $22 billion in funds are locked in DeFi in Binance as of late 2020.

Currently, you can boost your passive earnings with 10 different products with different yield potential and risk levels. The general rule is that the products with higher risk-reward come with higher yield, while lower-risk products come with lower yield. For the purpose of this article, we ordered the products from lowest to highest risk.

*Actual as of January 18, 2021. Yield may be affected by market movements. Do your own research (DYOR) before subscribing to Earn products.

Flexible Terms - Subscribe Whenever You Want, Redeem Anytime.

1. Flexible Savings

Stake 24 popular tokens, including BTC, ETH, USDT, or BNB and earn interest and rewards. You can subscribe to this product or redeem your rewards at any time. With a total value locked of more than $3 billion, Flexible Savings is a go-to product for everyone. 

Minimum Investment: No minimum

Fees: Zero fees 

APY: Dynamic APY (0.5% - 15%)

Rewards Distribution: Daily

Risk Level: None, guaranteed capital earnings

How to use Flexible Savings


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