How to become a good electrician

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How to become a good electrician

was 38 when I became an electrician.

You will need to be physically fit. If you can find someone to hire and train you that is how I started. Be prepared for grunt work. I was digging ditches at one point.

You will need to self-educate because electrical work is also a cerebral activity. What might look simple from the outside will become very involved the deeper you get into it. Your education will never stop.

You will need to be willing to work for minimum wage but your maturity will be a plus. One of my best electricians was 60 when I hired him. Of course he had lots of experience but he still required training to come up to my standards.

Another avenue is to train at a private school or Community College and then look for work, some schools help place their graduates.

In my experience it takes eight years to make an electrician so you will be close to fifty when you come into your own. If you’re healthy you can get in a full career.

I started up my own company when I was fifty and ran it for twenty years.

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