Black Diamond

Barry the poet2021/06/26 20:45

"Black Diamond" is the title of my book that am still working on. Out of it I bring out this poem


she was a young teenage girl

Who Grew up in the storm

Lashes and bruises was her repeated song

Swatting by her very own father a strange mother

Living in a west coast land

A new breed a curse lamb

Spotted black with superficial flaws

Moving in circle with a mark by a death claws

She was called shadow but her name was stone

Precious but unknown she was beneath the earth

she was shadow by no beauty cause she was design in rags

No make up to cover her blemishes

Her tears is a song of fetishist

Locked, kept behind the bars of her mind

Weeding the land of insanity

Each meal she had was the prime of her time

Hoping for her opportunity

Striving for the light at the end of the tunnel but she had a chock hand

Her disability was the dark in her fore sight

Even thou she was know by the sight of the first light

She was first of her kind

Humble, her silence speak of her pain

She was strong she won a countless ramble

Talented with one colour

Derseving of a medal and honour

But she was a scared being

right on her face was a casket but she couldn't bury her depression

She was design for a great commission

But she couldn't stand the test of time

She had no identity so She couldn't craft her kind

She was angry at the world

So she suffer with sick sou

Yet she had Strong bones

To shift her self to her own fate

She took 3bullet of guns to take away her own pain

And right there she was down with an open brain

Assuming she had wait she would have know her real name

Her value and worth


She was


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