7Ways to keep your Man.

Mercie shumke2021/06/15 20:01

1.first of all be a prayerful woman,a man needs a woman that is steadyfast and is the pillar of the house. 2.Every man needs a woman that obeys and respect him. 3.Always prepare a good meal for him and your man will never eat outside. 4.Also be supportive &help in opinion and decision making in every of his achivements. 5.Be loving and submissive to your Man and he not go outside looking for other women. 6.Stop being nagging instead communicate with your man politely...every man wants a peaceful woman.. 7.lastly,be a hardworking woman.No man wants to associate with a lazy woman instead they a woman that will help in building ahome...

7Ways to keep a man in your life.


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