The Age of Discovery

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The Age of Discovery

The Age of Discovery

What is the Age of Discovery?

The Age of Discovery or Age of Exploration was a period from the early 15th century that continued into the early 17th century, during which European ships travelled around the world to search for new trading routes and partners. They were in search of trading goods such as gold, silver and spices.

Who began the Age of Discovery?

The Age of Discovery began in the nation of Portugal under the leadership of Henry,the Navigator. Henry hoped to find more than gold. He thought that would also increase trade, power and Christianity.

Famous explorers of the age of discovery-

1)Christopher Columbus

2)Vasco Da Gama

3) Ferdinand Magellan

4) Amigo Vespucci

5) Pedro Alvares Cabral

6) Vasco Nunez de Balboa

7) Jacques Cattier

8) Martin Frobisher

9) Samuel de Champlain

10) Henry Kelsey

11) La Verendrye

12) Vitus Bering

13) Alexander Mackenzie


The new world "America" was discovered by Christopher Columbus during the age of discovery. He mistakenly thought them to be Indians.

The mapmaker Martin Waldseemüller named America after Amerigo Vespucci as he was the first to realize that America was separate continent not Asia.

The impacts of the age of discovery-

There were the impacts of the Age of Discovery-

The Age of Discovery brought together Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. There were to main types of exchanges. They exchanged and traded plants, animals. They also exchanged ideas and traded goods and technology.

Biggest impact of the age of Discovery-

In Europe during the age of exploration, diseases such as smallpox, measles and tuberculosis (TB) had already been introduced centuries before through trade with Asia and Africa.


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