I Love You In 10 Different Language

AlexSok2021/05/06 20:59

Hello I'm Create A image For Loved ones to Show i love you 10 different Languages

I Love You In 10 Different Language

I love You In 10 Different Languages

Here’s a list of ways to say “I love you” in different languages

French = Je t’aime. (I love you.)

Italian = Ti amo. (I love you.)

Chinese (Mandarin) = 我爱你 [Wǒ ài nǐ ] (I love you.)

German = Ich liebe dich. (I love you.

Japanese = 愛してる [Aishiteru] (I love you.

Korean = 사랑해요 [Saranghaeyo] (I love you.)

Polish = Kocham Cię. (I love you.)

Portuguese = Eu te amo (I love you.)

Russian = Я люблю тебя. [Ya lyublyu tyebya.] (I love you.)

Spanish = te amo. / te quiero. (i love you in latin america / spain).


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