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Ouspé2021/05/05 04:08
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My journey as a soldier

My first contact with military environment was at age of 12. I joined a military college, and I was fascinated by the discipline over there, it was incredible to see the respect people owe to their superiors. That convinced me to be a soldier in the future.

It was not easy for me to accustom myself in this new area, but I manage myself and keep in my mind that the difficulties we encounter in our life help us to become people of character, who are able to lead their fellow citizens in the difficulties moments. The values I got there, make me proud to be part of such a group who had for ambition to make things easier, even though it was a difficult. Our passion to leave this adventure seemed for us, a factor who gave us the strength to surpass our boundaries. I spent 7 years in this school, meeting many friends, who are soldiers like me today.

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