My Humble Visitor

Nameless2021/04/17 18:09

My Humble Visitor

Humble Visitor

From a distant Land in the East,

A telegraph came knocking on my door

Announcing your impending visit

To the seven households of the universe

Including my homestead, the dark continent!

In amazement, I watch

As the entire world stands still

As you eventually embark on the journey

Generously touching many souls

The heads of our households

Bow in aghast

To acknowledge your rare presence

Sacrificing their much cherished generous economies

To pave way for your arrival

Flouting the enviable status

And indelible mark of yours

On the global pace,

You associate with peoples of

All races, classes and religions

Paying due attention to

The high and the mighties

And still remembering

The paupers and the cripples

In the extreme society of ours

With your humble visitation,

Humanity is inculcated

With ferns of lessons:

For at once since the universe was born,

Humanity has become staid!

With your coming

Man is made to see the vanity of matter-

With their sleek and well-fed cars

Man has suddenly become immobile

The customize fabrics

And imported jewelries are

For the moment of null values

You have brought together the long lost

And separated families

Hitherto engrossed in pursuing

Vainly things of the world

With your arrival,

Both the poor and the rich

Now crave alone for bread

That will keep them alive

While your august visit


For the first time in array of years

Both the poor and the rich

Are made to dwell under the same roof, the isolation units - disregarding

The private and public wards

In class conscious hospitals and clinics

As they both battle for survival.

You have come not actually

To steal, kill and destroy

But that humanity will learn a humbled lesson

And eventually embrace his Creator

Instead of His creations!

Your visit is indeed

A humble lesson to the world!

I will pronounce your name - COVID 19

My visitor from the East.


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