Ana4422021/04/13 17:36

This piece is about accepting the reality as a writer. You being free to come out with what you are good at.

It is hard

But I just realized

It is worth it.

I just decided to accept it

For that was my being all along

And I finally mated the quill and the parchment

For my words felt uneasy and dead

Staying in a place they never dreamt of for so long a time.

And finally they are out here

Simple but ready to explore .

The excitement alone

Is just undoubtedly amazing.

Her first output conveys a lot,a whole lot of things.

This concept of being me entails a lot

And it would be explained

As the quill and parchment continues to mate

For if they hold grudges

I don't know what will become of me.

I love me and I love them.


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