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Ahmadida2022/09/22 17:06

I'm 24. Is it too late to get my life together and become successful?

It is absolutely never too late! I turned things around at 30 years old and boy did I have work to do. It is overwhelming, but never have regrets. I fell hard into drugs, homelessness, crime, was raped, and basically almost died on several occasions. Its been 3 years and I still dont know how I'm alive. Anyway, my pregnancy is what made me change my life and it was so hard. I found out I was pregnant in jail serving a few month sentence and didnt have a pot to piss in. I had to detox off a IV heroin/meth addiction while locked up. The detox alone could of killed my baby and myself, but God had other plans. I got out, I got into a sober living with my now husband the father of our daughter. We now have no more debt, we have our own place (almost home owners), I am a stay home mommy( until she starts school), my husband has a great pay job, and my daughter is a heathy little girl all in 3 years! If i can do it anyone can do it and life is finally worth living today. I wish you the best and never give up.


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