How To Style Ankara Huts Like A Fashionista

Ray2022/09/21 15:51
How To Style Ankara Huts Like A Fashionista

A classic hat is always in style and remains fashionable decade after decade, from bucket hats to hats with wide brims. They complete your look and draw attention on their own just like any other fashion accessory. But make sure it's an ankara hat if you want it to stand out more.

Consider it as a combination of westernization and Afrocentrism. Make stunning hats out of your ankara fabric instead of wearing them as scarves or gele to stand out. Below are the different fashionista ways you can style your ankara hats.

1. You can style your ankara hat with a suit/jacket. To give your suit more vigor, an ankara hat should be included when making it. Wearing a suit and hat made of the same ankara material is advised.

2. It can be styled as a coordinated set: Your ankara fabric may be used to create a three-piece ensemble consisting of a top, bottoms (skirt or pants), and a hat. It can also be a two-piece ankara outfit with a matching hat made of the same material. The advantage of the coordinated set is having not to worry about how to combine items up or down.

3. Hats paired with gowns: Any type of dress, including maxi, midi, or mini looks great with an ankara hat. As a fashionable woman, you can sport a wide-brimmed ankara hat, short gown, and bag. Try this option the next time you go out on an occasion or event.



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