A concept of heaven on the Earth

Nameless2022/09/20 17:40

I am writing about a world that can be sacred from curse

Compassion today is a dream. Today, everyone has only one tune to earn money, to get their benefit, to put their interest first. Alas, relationships have been buried under money and interest. Why have we become numb today because we have forgotten that We cannot eat a morsel of gold even if we earn crores and billions. We have to eat the same grain that everyone else eats. We want to go where the rich and the poor are all equal, then why don't we adopt the eternal morality, decorate the dream of a paradise-like world in which there is a bed of compassion, a cloak of love, a dress of love, food of cheerfulness, a drink of cheerfulness and sweet words. Palace of selflessness. Be and in it we sleep with great peace


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