A letter to you

Stereos writes2022/09/20 08:33

A gentle reminder There will be struggles There will be obstacles But never run Never push people away Take advantage of them And learn


You, yes you

That pain from whatever is going on

Shouldn't be replied with an immediate instinct..run

The pain of your lungs at maximum capacity

Yet still wheezing

Being alone can be cold

Maybe freezing

"You don't need anyone", "be independent" we are told

The value of a friend

Little attention is paid but yet great benefit is gained

Slight pain comes along, then all the neurons come alive

An immediate instinct... flee

You, yes still you

Your pride, "my pride?", yes your pride

You desire inner  peace, joy, happiness

Yet with friends you make it end

You might levitate when they depreciate

But trust me, you are still rooted

"Cut haters" "cut off people" oh you grasscutter 😅

So much effort put into pushing away

So much time given to "cutting off"

Fine, you push away, what's the take away

Everyone gone, now you feel so much better, scoff

Just love

My advice to you


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