Bhagalpuri Chadar is Ideal for every Age Group

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Making a product ideal for every age group means providing many features to it. Different age groups have different requirements for the same product. There is a wide range of this type of product available in the market. Let us stick to a comforter. Somebody wants their comforter to be soft, some others want it to last for years, while some others desire different colors in their comforter. Isn’t it amazing to hear that a Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar is a product that has all these features? These features make it an ideal product for every age group.

Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar

‘The Silk City of India’ has many popular products. Some of them are Bhagalpuri Silk Saree, Bhagalpuri Chadar, and Tussar Saree. The saree of the district is quite famous from the very beginning. But the chadar is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The Bhagalpuri Chadar is made through the traditional weaving process. This traditional weaving process is the gift that the local native weavers of the Bhagalpur district got from their ancestors.

Bhagalpuri Chadar is made up of Viscose Fabric which is a silk and cotton blended material. Two hundred percent organic staple yarns are used. These yarns are twisted together to create this beautiful traditional chadar. Bhagalpuri chadar is made from different fabrics also like cotton, silk, synthetic, and rayon. The chadar of these fabrics are not very good in quality and are not long-lasting. But chadar of Viscose fabric is long-lasting and is use for multiple purposes and different age groups.

Feature of Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar

A Bhagalpuri Chadar is an All-Season, All-Purpose, All-Generation chadar. It is in use throughout the year in different forms. No matter whether it is summer, autumn, spring, or winter season, people use this chadar in different forms. In the season when the weather is a little bit cold at night, you can use it as a comforter. In the winter season, it is use as a bedsheet, shawl, coverlet, etc. While in the summer season, people use this chadar as an A. C. Blanket.

The chadar is in use for many different purposes like a comforter, coverlet, bed cover, safa, stole, shawl, A. C. Quilt, and many more. Also, it is an All-Generation chadar, which means people of every age group use it in the same as well as different ways.


For kids

The newborn babies, infants, and toddlers had wrapped up in this chadar. The skin of small kids and children is so soft, that not every fabric is suitable for them. But the fabric used in Bhagalpuri chadar is cotton and silk. Both of these fabrics are natural. These fabrics have small tiny holes present in them which allow the air to pass. Also, it makes the skin breathable. Cotton and silk provide softness and most importantly do not harm the skin of the user, which makes it the best comforter for small babies.


For youngsters

Teenagers and young girls love to carry traditional products as it is in trend nowadays. The teenager and young girls use the Bhagalpuri Chadar as a stole or carry it in a traditional way. The color availability of this chadar makes it a perfect stole for the festive season. The different elegant color of Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar gives a perfect traditional look.


Middle age people

Middle age people give priority to the fabric. And especially prefer that fabric that lasts for a longer period. According to the users of this chadar, it lasts for almost 4 to 5 years. If the chadar is in use in a proper way it even lasts for longer.


For elder people

Bhagalpuri Chadar is the best comforter for people of old age. People of this age group prefer this chadar more because it is a traditional product. Elderly age people like traditional products which make them feel connected to their roots.

Color availability

There are different color options available in the Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar. Apart from the traditional Bhagalpuri Dull Chadar elegant colors like pink, green, bright yellow, blue and red is also present in the market.

In addition to this, a different type of chadar is also accessible which is known as Bhagalpuri Patta Chadar. Multiple color yarns are in use in the making of Bhagalpuri Patta Chadar. Some of the available Patta chadars are Patta Red, Patta Green, Patta Blue, Red Green Patta, Blue Green Patta, Pink Blue Patta chadar, and many more.



The Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar is the best multipurpose chadar, moreover, people of different age groups and communities use this chadar. In sum, it fulfills the different requirements of different age groups of people. Bhagalpuri Chadar is ideal for kids and newborn babies because it is buttery soft. Secondly, for middle age people because it provides comfort and lasts for many years. For teenagers and young girls, it is a perfect stole option for a festive look, and for elderly age people because it is comfortable as well as traditional.


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