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Hey there! I`m Rex, Rex Pilfurd. I`m going to take you through my past nineteen years and it all began in the small town of Peto which is in Mexico where a couple fell in love and sired a ctue baby boy –that’s me-and the first seven years of my life were the best, but in my life I grew up knowing that not all good things last forever.


I remember that fateful night in which I felt like providence had shut its gates on me.

“Rex I need you to go hide in the cupboard and don’t come out till I say so, ok!” My father ordered me and like any other kid would do I nodded in acceptance. A few minutes passed after I hid when a man whose face I couldn’t make out came into our house and had some sought of argument with my parents. What transpired after haunts my nightmares till this very day.


From where I hid I could see the whole thing from when he took out his gun to when he shot my parents. I froze from the fear that cramped my heart even after the man left, I heard my dads weak cough and that’s when I jumped out of the cupboard and to his aid.

“Papa! Papa! Are you okay? Papa! Please tell me you’ll both be okay”

He weakly gestured a no then gave me a faint smile and his right hand cupped me left cheek “son w-e l-l-ov-e you” Those were his parting words as he took his last breath


I cried me heart out s their corpses lay in front of me and just when I thought I couldn’t lose anything else, a fire burnt rampant feasting its red hot fury on the place I grew up calling instincts told me to run but to where/ the whole room was engulfed in flames. I acted on impulse and I did what I saw in the movies, I tipped over the water dispenser and soaked a nearby blanket. I covered my self with It and stood and looked at my parents for the last time then ran head on past the flames and to the kitchen.


The air around became dense as the flames as the flames used up all the breathable air in the room. I got a little light headed and my eye lids felt heavy but despite that I pushed myself climbing up the counter and then jumping out the window. while outside I saw everything I loved and cherished go down in flames.


I ran away deeper into the forest my muscles sore but the adrenaline coursing through my veins pushed me till I eventually lost consciousness. When I woke up I was at the hospital and after days of receiving psychological therapy I was placed under the custody of a wealthy family at Merrida. The family was known as the Pelletas. They welcomed me warmly and for two years I felt at peace in the warm love of my adopted parents but that’s until the universe yet again saw me fit to suffer. My adopted parents weren’t the saints people saw them to be, rather they were devils in human skin who sold innocent kids to an illegally operating science facility which dealt with human gene mutation and military level training to their subjects.


At that time I got sold off I decided never to love again. I was rebellious at first while in the lab till they gave me an offer I couldn’t resist; a chance toget back on the man who took away everything I loved




………………………………………………………………….TO BE CONTINUED


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