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Grake Dunde

Back in those days in the history of the criminals, there was a guy who stay with his granny. He was a orphan - his momma died when he was three years of age while his father died while he was in his mother's womb.

Pardon me; the young man name is Grake Dunde. He was a young strong guy, has qualities that a girl would want in a guy. But he was short-tempered. He usually quarrel a lot with his granny. But that doesn't stop them from gisting and other things.

A day came when Grake has to leave his granny to work on his own. He was 18 years of age. The granny cried a lot but that didn't stop Grake from going. He almost quarrelled with her but Granny escaped it. So he left her never to see her again.

(Watch out for chapter 2)


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