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There are a number of possible causes of impotence. These can be a variety of conditions including neurological problems. These conditions can be particularly common in old age, but can also occur in younger people. If you suffer from impotence, you should seek medical advice and discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Fildena 100 is a best medication to treat erectile dysfunction.


There are many possible reasons for low sex drive, including the medications you are taking, your stress level, and mental health issues. It may also be the result of a daily pill or prescription drug, such as Cimetidine. Either way, it is important to discuss these issues with your healthcare provider to determine the cause. They may recommend a different drug or stop taking your current one altogether.

Cimetidine is a drug that works by inhibiting the hepatic cytochrome enzymes. While the drug has many advantages, it is still not without risks. For instance, it may cause psychomotor restlessness, hallucinations, or coma in some patients. Therefore, it is important to discuss any side effects of Cimetidine with your healthcare provider.


Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs that are commonly prescribed for a variety of mental disorders. However, these drugs can have negative side effects and are highly addictive. Withdrawal from these medications can be dangerous and even fatal. Moreover, prolonged use of benzos can significantly decrease libido and negatively affect a person's sexual life. This in turn can lead to relationship problems.

While the use of benzodiazepines is not harmful in the short term, continuous use can lead to physical dependence, which can eventually lead to addiction. In addition, mixing benzodiazepines with alcohol can lead to a potentially deadly overdose. Additionally, these medications should not be taken by people with a history of substance abuse or suicidal tendencies.

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Pain medications

There are several potential causes of impotence. For example, men may have vascular disorders that affect the blood vessels in the penis. Other causes include neurological and hormonal disorders. If you're unsure of what's causing your impotence, see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Medications and surgery are two of the most common treatments for impotence. The most common of these medicines is sildenafil (Viagra). Generally, these medications are safe but may lower your blood pressure. They should not be taken with nitroglycerin.


There's a good chance that you're using antihistamines, which are typically prescribed for allergy sufferers. While these drugs can help you to sleep and relax, they can also inhibit sex. These drugs affect the transmission of signals in the brain and spinal cord.

The best course of action is to talk to your doctor. Bring a list of all your medications and discuss your situation. Your doctor may prescribe an alternative drug or suggest a lower dose. In most cases, simple changes to your prescription drugs can improve your sexual life. However, do not stop taking your prescribed drugs or change the dosage unless your doctor specifically recommends it.


If you're taking statins, you may be having problems with erections and maintaining erections. Although this condition is often misdiagnosed, statins can be a potential cause. These drugs decrease calcium absorption into the bloodstream and may reduce libido, which may result in impotence.

Other medications can cause sexual problems as well. These include drugs that affect your sex hormones, such as estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone. There are also some antipsychotic drugs, which are used to treat mental illnesses. These drugs alter several chemicals in the body, including sex hormones. The most common drugs that can cause sexual problems are typical antipsychotics, such as risperidone. Opioids, which treat chronic pain, also can affect the libido and can contribute to impotence.


Smoking negatively impacts the function of many organs of the body, including the genitals. It decreases blood flow to these areas, which can inhibit sex drive and performance. It also negatively affects fertility. Quitting smoking may help improve sex drive, frequency, and duration.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, smoking is a major factor in male infertility. The chemicals in tobacco damage DNA in eggs and sperm, reducing their ability to conceive. In addition, smoking speeds up the loss of ovarian eggs and early menopause.


If you've been drinking too much, your sexual life could be suffering. Alcohol can impair your judgment, making it difficult to provide clear consent. It is illegal to engage in sexual activity with someone who is not consenting. Getting clear consent is essential to ensure the safety of both you and your partner.

Alcohol is also an impairing substance for your coordination, balance, reflexes, and ability to fight back. As a result, people who drink are more likely to engage in questionable sexual behavior. In addition, drunk people are unable to consent to sex and are at a high risk for rape. Not only is consenting to sex while drunk unwise, but it can also lead to unwanted pregnancy and STDs.


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