To our unborn love

Limbikani Nyirongo2022/09/13 22:07

If I will be a poet you are the poetry, but those are recycled words let me try again. I like you, I like you more than anybody else could have ever love you..scratch that let me try again.

If I'm being honest, my first words are, I want to give you the pleasure that your beauty deserves. See my brothers and I are kind of swords of finer things, I could pick a flower just to smell a rose, but I vowed not to plant a seed if I'm not ready to water it. See I titled this our unborn love. My first words are my mind is heaven when I think of you. Only you might say ...forgive me I'm not fluent in Shona, Ndebele, Chewa or the Bantu tongues.

See we talk of the freedom of speech .....well I'm a liberation fighter with my words but language is held captive and still limited in its expression. I wish I could.. but I can't explain the cool hug from the breeze. I can't explain the sweet kiss from the sunset from a mountain peak. I can't explain the optical glitter of the blanket that adorns the sky and the stars. And speaking of skies with billions of stars and billions of galaxies, there is only one sun For you are my star the glimmer of my galaxy When I try to talk my words escape me. One day I hope you understand in my sky I only see you. A moonlight with shades of grey, I wait on the day the sun can dance with the moon. Until then I'm only single because I'm not with you. For you without me is like a singer with no song. My first words were my mind is heaven when I'm think of you. Only you might say forgive me I'm not fluent in Shona, Ndebele, Chewa or the Bantu tongues. That was just my way of recognising an Angel. If you find any bit of affection in my words I swear I could write vows for you everyday, professed by three words And those three words are my last words 1 2 3.

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