Friendliness a key to success

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Friendliness a key to success

Friendliness according to the English dictionary is the quality of being friendly. To be friendly means someone who is generally warm, approachable and easy to relate with in character. This is very particular in our achievements in life.

A friend is true and genuine if he or she is truly happy when you succeed and encourages and rejoices with you. A friend is also tested as true or false if he or she also stays with you to comfort and keep you company when you have a misfortune or are faced with imbroglio situations that have become menacing and gargantuan for you to handle or explicate.

It is said, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Actually, what this means is that anyone who can stay with you in your trying times and in your times of need is truly a friend that should not be joked with.

Friendship is Important In the following ways:

1. It provides the parties with the opportunity to learn from each other

2. It provides the parties with the opportunity and access to share in each others strengths and weaknesses

3. It makes available certain privileges of meeting a wider circle of influential people that you may not have the opportunity to meet if you did not have such friends

4. It affords the parties the opportunity to correct mistakes that are pointed out by their friends.

5. It helps to adjust lifestyles to a better one in terms of attitudes and demeanor.

6. It gives the parties the privileges of setting goals together and helping them to make themselves accountable to each other

7. Successes are shared as well as failures.

8. Friendship can influence people even more than cultural and social family lifestyles

Linking friendship to Success

The 9 facts above are just a fraction of the tremendous benefits of friendship.

When you study these facts listed above, they are also very key to success in life generally.

No one person can succeed alone. Even though you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will need to develop a relationship with your customers, suppliers and clients and thereby build friendship.

No one was born with friends. We make friends as we go around and interact with others. Choosing your friends and the kind of friends is very key to whether someone will succeed or fail. A person headed for a successful destination may have that vision delayed because he or she meets a wrong and destructive friend. Therefore we must be very careful of the kind of friends we choose. We must watch the characters of our friends well and make sure they can be verified both in open and secret.

Friends when gotten right, can be a lifetime blessing, can bear your burdens and give very powerful advice that will propel and goad you on at every step of the way. In the Bible, Jonathan was a very close and profitable friend to David and never envied him. Friendship can be learnt and enjoyed.

As we choose good and admirable friends, may we experience success In Jesus Name Amen.

Thank you.


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