Real Estate Business Experience in Islamabad (Pakistan).

Wajid Nawaz2022/09/10 07:28

I am working as a real estate consultant in Islamabad since 2012. During this long periods I give my services to many clients in buy or sale their real estate property. I mostly people purchase real estate property for investment. And only few serious buyer purchase property to build their house. Investor are always looking needy person who want sale his / her property under market price. When real estate consultant suggest this property to investor he purchase as soon as possible and get good profit and mostly seller or buyer not like to give proper commission to real estate consultant. Mostly cases in one deal many real estate consultants are involve. This break up increase property value. This increase amount will divide between these real estate consultant who involve in this deal. This is very painful to seller and purchaser sometime. We should educate buyer and seller to give proper commission to real estate consultant and when you want willing to buy or sell your property in

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