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Have you ever had this feeling of just wanting to be left alone?Yeah I feel so allot.

Deep in thought I heard my name ringing loud as my high school bell "Sony".."Sony" my mom called, still tired and relentless to stand up I answered..Yes mummy, "get up and prepare for school" she said, I got up and started my morning preparation which follows the same routine of me cleaning my room, brushing my teeth and taking my bath and yeah I don't forget my breakfast.

Leaving the house and stepping into the busy road of Egbe, what a sunny day to begin with. I felt the scotching heat burning through my skin. I plugged in my earpiece and put my best hit track "afro". The busy roads, annoying bus conductors and the scotching heat all swept away....I know you get the feeling....right???

And here comes David my best friend. such a funny guy with stories to tell and yeah he got the ladies bro!!!!!! unlike me who has been hitting on this girl since 5th you think I'll express my feelings to her??? let's find out!!

"Sony boy!!!" as David hails my name from a distance with a smile on his face I just knew at that moment that he has something interesting to say. taking off my earpiece we shook hands as we walked down the road to school. With my ears wide open waiting for his lovely gist, he tells me of this new girl that moved into there street. from the description alone I knew the girl is so beautiful and hot...He showed me a picture of the girl and yeah my guess was right ...such an angel with full boob's and ass. David made a mouth watering sound with his lips and said "This girl I must get her"I just laughed and said she's way above your league..we both laughed as we entered our school premises.

OMG!!!!! I saw Jane and froze at the sight of the beauty before me. what a wonderful and beautiful girl, fair skinned ,full of flesh and wow you need to hear her talk,so gentle in nature. what more can I say to describe this wonderful soul!!!!!

"Sony", David called my name.

totally lost in thought he said to me..

"common man talk to this girl"

I'll I responded still gazing at her till she passed by...such a beauty!!!

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