Beauty and majesty of Nature

Mangesh Kalse2022/09/09 20:00

Another POV to see the Nature with nature's beauty and majesty

Beauty and majesty of Nature

Nature is the most interesting place in the universe. It is full of wonders and mysteries,

That only have one purpose: to inspire us with their beauty and majesty.

Nature's art is full of variety. The natural world is truly an ocean of wonders; it is impossible to

numbering or even begin to imagine all the wonderful things there are in nature. Because

nature inspires us, it makes us feel confident and comfortable with the world around us.

The sun sets in the west, and the moon rises in the east is one type of miracle, Nature is a force

to be reckoned with. It does not only move, but it also shapes your life with its dramatic beauty,

calm and harmony. As if the extraordinary beauty of nature is always riding in our boat

It must be almost impossible to describe nature in words. Imagine how difficult it would be to

try and describe the sounds of a bird’s song, or how breathtaking the clouds are when they float

by your window at night. There are just too many different textures and colors found in the

natural world to give you a full grasp of all its beauty.

We are at an interesting and prolific moment in history. We can see the effects of climate

change, biodiversity loss and extreme weather events everywhere. The damage we all cause on

a daily basis will increase unless we stop it. Nature has been trying to tell us for thousands of

years that we need to live in balance with it.

When you get closer to the nature, you understand not just the beauty but also its complexities

and intricate details that make it a unique ecosystem. Behind the act of seeking intimacy to the

nature is the belief that man is nothing but a part of nature, and therefore can only find true

contentment with himself in relation to this part. We believe in the pursuit of perfect

expression, the perfection of the human kind. How can we express ourselves? We seek

connectivity with nature to be empowered by it. The feeling of being alive and naturally wild is

a wonderful thing. Many things in life can be learned by studying the nature. Seeing a living

creature makes one feel hopeful, excited and happy. A nostalgic look about those times when

even small things had charm in it. The great nature is the provider of all things needed for life, it

surrounds us and is our support system.

Nature's plays its role in building the life of all humanity, for it never prohibits us from being

who we are; one thing is sure-no matter what, nature need not be condemned or detested. It is

like telling us that we are not alone, not left out, or forgotten. It tells us that our existence

cannot be lost or annihilated. Nature inspires everyone to live freely, while teaching us that the

expression of our feelings should not be constricted. Its floods, earthquakes, storms, intense

heat and unbearable cold are known for their high expression. Nature is like telling about it in a

free way; it lets you express yourself as you like.

Mangesh Kalse


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