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Something I came up with in my free time. Just a thought

Nigeria: A place for the strong willed 

A short article by Godswill Onyia 

I always viewed life as a straight road during my early days. Thinking that we were destined and prepared for whatever happened in life and in that sense we all should face it as we saw fit. My family was well to do at the time and could provide the basic necessities I needed at time so the thought wasn’t as hostile as it is  now and I guess I wasn’t aware that the lot had cast me into a certain country named Nigeria. 


  Often referred to as the giant of Africa leaving me to wonder how the name came about. Home to millions of people and a large amount of tribes who amusingly but quite admirably coexist. Floods and drought being the only natural disasters, my country should be able to live up to its name but the reverse is the case. I never really understood the concept of leading a country to greatness and to date it still seems a mystery as to what must be done to make greatness possible. 

  It is said that experience is the best teacher and that saying still stands today unlike my dear country. I soon experienced a lot to change my mentality and thinking. From the hardships of living to the problem of comfortable accommodation. Feeding and transportation became a gracious gift if you could afford it not to mention other hustles and bustles of life. I soon realized I had it a lot better than most out there and funnily no one needed to tell me the bitter truth about life. 

  I now view life as a very open field with cuts, blockades and corners in every direction with everyone trying to find the best route to take. It can never be described in a single manner or term with everyone having their personal views and take on it. It is indeed a life for the strong willed. 


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