Laugh laugh and forget your sorrows

Rickky2022/09/09 00:29
Laugh laugh and forget your sorrows


1.Wives, learn to trust your husbands.

Sometimes your husband may come back home late and give you one reason you cannot find in any book,

Let love and trust prevail.

Imagine Jonah coming back after 3 days of absence, no phone call, no message, nothing, only to tell his wife he was swallowed by a fish and vomited after 3 days - just imagine how that sounded.

The wife will feel like breaking his head.

"Swallowed by fish, really?

Are you talking to a baby?

What an insult, lying to me as if I don't have any brains? Which fish, mackerel or tilapia"?

Even if Jonah reported the issue to a pastor, the pastor will call him aside and say brother Jonah, why not pray against lying spirits.

Neighbors will shout "ahh madam, you don't understand, the fish is another woman".

But between you and I,

Jonah was telling the truth.

To Every Wife and Husband out there...TRUST IS POWERFUL!返踢

It is a necessary tool for sustaining all relationships.

Have a trustful lives sir/ma.


2.Jonathan is weak, Jonathan is weak, see where iron bender carry us reach.


3.I'm tired of hearing all dis

hw are u? hv u

eaten? How's ur day?

Sometimes ask me if i need money abeg?

4.Just this morning, someone mistakenly called me thinking I'm her manager and requested for a day off...... and I gave her two weeks leave.不i hate lazy people朮朮

5.Just because someone said hes single doesnt mean hes not having sex. Stationary cars also get hit屢屢

6.She Told him that She's in 200 level and He also told Her that He's in 300level


Both of them Just Met for first paper in Waec Hall today


7.At a funeral, if u see women coming to call their husbands 1 by 1, follow them! I repeat follow them.

That where Rice and fried chicken is.

Lets end corruption.不不不

8.Do you know you will get wet if you fly inside the pool

9.You still saying woman can not control me

But once she says Go and lock the door

You fly like Jet lee to lock am


10.Your bae will see the unwashed plates and pretend as if she's on free mode but once she see a used condom,

she will switch to data mode to download the image well.

o wrong nau 不塔 儭

11.A real Man would stand by his woman even wen she gets pregnant for another Man

That Man is ya father not me不瘀

12.Did you know that if you hold the nipple and clitoris at the same time,

it will screenshot?


13.Ladies stop asking a guy if he has babe, if you love him just join the queue, the winner will be announced at home affairs...

Is the volume okay, guys?

14Ladies of nowadays will zoom your picture to see if you have money in ur pocket b4 they accept your friend request


15.Your mates are getting married. You are there shouting all men are the same. My sister, it is your boyfriend who don't have sense or you are just useless to him.

Do something for something to happen.

不thank me later when u are married不

16.One girl posted "I love my bed, so soft and big." The moment I liked it, she deleted the post.

She didn't even allow me to comment sef.

I must talk,I must talk突

Well she's my neighbour and she sleeps on a mat...

17.Baby I love you, even if am asked to choose between you and a trip to Dubai, I swear I'll be thinking about you in the plane

na dem不

18.Aunty, not every time you snap photo showing your ass or your breast. Sometimes dress cool and take pictures.

Don't stress ur family to find your obituary picture once you are gone.

Don't touch me, am not feeling fine...


19.Start saving now cause of december to avoid calling innocent people "fake friends" 不

20.Porn industries make over $35b yearly but still no one admits they watch it. For the last time am asking again



21.Some ladies are going to wake up at 35 and realize that all they did was sleep in different beds for money they couldn't save...恫儭set awon I must use iphone嗯儭


22.Dat moment wen u're writing an exam beside a Jehovah witness broda & u ask him 2 "Open".

He replies; "wen I came 2 preach to u did u Open?"

*Ogbeni ,we die here...Asin sho mad ni,u na wan suffer for 600years abi不*

23.Why is it that the moment you start dancing with an African woman, she turns her backside to you...?

Which kind witchcraft be that na???


24.I'm in my neighbor's house and they are about to eat. I'm seeing 4 plates and we are 5. I'm wondering which of the children is not hungry now

25.You can't post your boyfriend bcos other boys will stop giving you money market strategy潑

keep it up Ladies不不

26.After 3 hot slaps,an African mum will be like "I will not touch u until your father comes back"

African moms,I no even understand them不不不

27.Henceforth, there will be no more bad English in this group! 莞

Is I clear???

28.You don't want to see her with another man.

Then treat her like there is no other man better than you

Ladies rate my sense?

29.Short people argue alot 仄

Because they are not tall enough to see the point


God pls help them ooo


30.Eachtime I remember that someone will win 85M in BBN for staying in a house kissing, eating free food & having sex free, I bring out my university certificate & use it to fan myself.


True, true this life no just balance

Still #Okikiola

..I've done my part to put smiles on ur faces, now is ur turn to appreciate the effort....

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