Blossomuyi2022/09/08 21:52

I just journey into the street,

Skirts are parading bare-chested

Flaunting flesh dry colored fashionly

Is decency Fading Away?

I just listened to the street's sermon

Gangsters are preachers of volcanic vices

Yearning youth devour vices avidly

Is virtue Fading Away?

I just heard the street's anthem

Your pain is my gain

See, the fire of hatred burning ubiquitously

Is love Fading Away?

I just wept for the children taught by gutters

The theory of John the Baptist. "Taking it by force."

We are haunted by their vitiate daily

Morality has Faded away.

© Imoisili, Uyiosa Osagie

August, 2022.


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