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A poem, a poetry, that tells a story of a flaming passion and burning compassion that delivered a prostitute from the cold street.


Throw him a lifeline before deadline:

The flinging sting of a sling stone;

To ground zero from cloud nine...

The storyline of an heroine hero.

Needles and syringe, for pleasurable pain:

Pricking vein; infringe treasurable brain.

Coke poke nose introduced to by Cain_

Who was never brother's keeper anyway

From the: "just one more" presumption,

To the: "not anymore" assumption,

Back to the "just one more" resumption;

The circulation of addiction.

He did hit the club to ball in his new car,

He did ball with four of his favorite hookers,

He with three hookers took a trip into this new car,

Behind in the club; too wasted to walk out: just one hooker.

He led the three others to the driveway;

All four tripping seeing blurred lines.

He steering four wheels away;

All four on a trip across blunder line.

High as a bridge overhead,

Wide as a grief overspread;

So high on the highway,

So low in the high sea_

So was the tale of a living fast lane,

So also told in a dying crash lane;

Turning lively haste into deathly waste_

At the dead end of Hell's Broadway.

All four across this deadline

With no lifeline found for them in time.

All four so far gone in the midst of five;

Only one left behind dead and alive.

Who will show me the way to life?

Her silent yearn resound.

Who will show her the way of life?

Before she drop dead in the ground.

All her life she spread legs like deathbed,

Swallow pills down sepulchre depth,

Turn her closed womb into open tomb_

Of a billion babies buried alive and dead.

As for now she blowing crack;

Her life a joke too serious to crack.

As the latest prey of a wildlife arouse;

Her predators coming from the trap house.

There and then i met this stranger in danger:

Unto rescue mission that couldn't linger;

Where and when as a preacher passing by_

Who said hi but couldn't say bye...

In the passion of Christ i moved,

By the compassion of Christ i was moved;

I heard and declared to her that which is true:

"Jesus told me to tell you he loves you"

"O! Mister; on what drug are you high?"

The question she scornfully implied.

"None sister.." The answer i cheerfully replied:

"Just under the influence of the Most High"

"Jesus told me to tell you he loves you;

In spite your despite in futile strive.

Jesus told me all you've been through,

Even from your tender age of five..."

"The troubled essence of your childhood:

Your innocence painfully stripped off you,

By that stepfather who forcefully raped you,

And even introduced his friends into you."

"So at the plundered age of tender ten,

You left him dead stabbing times ten,

You left the scary comfort of home,

Into the fiery street; a dreary resort to roam."

This words broke down a heart of stone_

Like hammer to sober up a mind so stoned.

"How did you know?" Was tearfully her yell

"This tale just told i fearfully never tell.. "

"Jesus told me to tell you all these i declare:

To let you know of all these he is aware,

Above and beyond all these he cares,

To beam the rainbow over your rain of tears..."

"Why took Jesus so long?" She said

"Why not come earlier instead?"

"Better late than never you heard_

Never late however." I declared....

"Right here the coast of his love is clear,

Right now the river of his life is near;

For you to sail off the cage of despair,

For vessel damage a wholesome repair..."

"Only Jesus can save!" I proclaimed.

"Beg him to save me!" she exclaimed.

Full and free salvation she claimed.

Totally complete restoration reclaimed.

Into sinners prayer i led her all the way,

Her numerous sins forgiven right away,

Old things forever passed away,

All things became new all the way.

"Jesus told me to tell you to take a look:

He has straighten up the way you crook,

By making a futile effort of the pills you took;

Couldn't abort whom brooding in your womb.

Breaking forth from her was a son,

Breaking forth to see the ☀ sun,

As a token of the break of new dawn,

After 9 month due date was done.

Twenty five years later through the timeline:

Her son the figure of his father at twenty five.

Who couldn't find a lifeline before deadline;

That man died in car crash with his seed preserved alive.



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